Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

The Donald we deserve

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The Trump campaign — in all its bloated glory — is a monstrosity decades in the making.
Benjamin Netanyahu and John Boehner, via Creative Commons

America is not an honest broker in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

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Actions speak louder than words, and America’s actions show few signs of commitment to a two-state solution.
Marco Rubio, these cookies aren't for you, via Creative Commons

4 questions that GOP candidates don’t deserve a cookie for if they answer correctly

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You get no bonus points for saying what everyone else already knows.

Only Putin would think to starve his own people to punish the West

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Cutting off basic foods to everyday Russians is an odd way to “punish” the west.
boy with gun kid child

20 kids a day in America are hospitalized due to gunshot wounds

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One of four American adolescents in the 15-19 year old age group who dies, dies because of a firearm injury.

4 shocking facts about American healthcare (video)

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His name is Josh Sundquist, and he’s really good – and quite a captivating speaker.
Needle via Shutterstock

Krokodil, a “flesh-eating” narcotic from Russia, may finally be in America

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The drug turns your skin leathery and scaly before it rots off your body. Life expectancy of a user is 2-3 yrs.

Sacha Cohen on America if she were a dictatorship… (video)

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Sacha “Borat” Cohen on the advantages of turning America into a dictatorship.
How people think income is distributed vs. how it's really distributed

Must-watch video charting income inequality in America

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1% of Americans have 40% of the wealth. The bottom 80% have 7% of the nation’s wealth.
money farm

America faces more than a dozen deadlines, all caused by billionaires and wealth transfer

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America has a “billionaire problem.” Stopping wealth transfer is at the heart of every national solution.
kids gun

Four dead from guns in Aurora, Colorado again

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Another day, another shooting. Mental health & video games may play a part, but the deaths were caused by guns,
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