Trevor Scholz, via Flickr

Meet the activists who would co-op(t) the tech industry

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As tech becomes increasingly powerful, workers are looking to take on — and ownership of — the platforms.
Danger line in Ecuador at contamination site, via France24 / Creative Commons

On eve of Ecuador pollution trial, Chevron (predictably) stalls

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Yesterday, in what they’d like to have come off as a higher-road detour, Chevron made a big deal about dropping the fraud claims against one of the major funders of the plaintiffs ...
The Amazon "Fire Phone" new 3D smartphone. (Image courtesy of Engadget.)

Amazon’s 3D smartphone “Fire Phone” is here

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13mp camera, self-contained case and stronger glass, and tangle-free headphones. The thing looks awfully cool.

Introducing “Amazon Rocket” – delivery in 5 minutes or less (video)

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Yesterday we wrote about Amazon’s new 30-minute “drone” delivery. Today, we bring you “Amazon Rocket.”

Video of Amazon’s new delivery drones in action (seriously)

Facebook Tweet Reddit is hoping to use unmanned drones to deliver purchases in under 30 minutes sometime in the future.
amazon-offline is (was) offline

Facebook Tweet Reddit goes offline, mysteriously.
Amazon's Jeff Bezos (photo by Steve Jurvetson)

Amazon’s Bezos buys Washington Post, better he than Koch

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I’m still trying to figure out where the good comes from when traditional media dies.
The Columbia Glacier retreat, 1984-2011

Zoomable climate change time-lapse of entire earth over 30 years

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This is seriously cool. You can pick anywhere on earth, zoom in, and watch it change over 30 years.
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