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GOP prez contender see no marriage, hear no marriage

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Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore spent last week trying, and failing, to violate Article Six of the US Constitution. Moore was, however, more successful at reminding us of the last ...
hitler quote alabama

Alabama ministry regrets billboard favorably quoting Hitler

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“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” — Adolf Hitler

Doctor walks 6 miles in snowstorm to conduct emergency brain surgery

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The patient survived. Afterwards, Dr. Hrynkiw said of the ordeal: “It really wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Daily Shows looks for anti-gay bigots in MS, AL and doesn’t find any

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Actually it’s an interesting segment. Though I suspect it underplays the problem a wee bit.
the South

Alabama GOP tries to force out College Republican chairwoman for being pro-gay

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Watch all of her young friends abandon your racist, sexist, homophobic party for their rest of their long lives.

Prancing Elites of Mobile, Alabama (video)

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A wild video of a (gay?) all-male dance team from Mobile, Alabama, of all places.
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