“That” Norwegian Olympics ad

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Only the Norwegians could turn a kinda sexist commercial into an effective statement on diversity. It’s great.

Cell-phone crashing, at the airport (video)

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What if the guy next to you started answering every question you asked on the phone to someone else?
Sue Dubitsky's wounds from an alleged attack by a TSA dog at Atlanta's airport. (Source:

TSA dog bites woman in stomach for no reason, she says (video)

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The woman worries what might happen if the dog goes after a child.
Elderly Patient via Shutterstock

Cancer is inconvenient, but missing your flight is death

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How the US Senate put its own personal pork – flight delays – ahead of the needs of people dying of cancer.
Great Japan Earthquake of 2011

Video of the huge 9.0 earthquake in Japan in 2011

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It’s amazing to watch the buildings shake, yet they hold together for the most part. Amazing engineering.
tsa Grenades airport

85% of record-number of guns confiscated by TSA in 2012 were loaded

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The top six US airports for gun confiscations are in the south or Arizona. Oh, they’re finding grenades too.

Calgary airport Christmas flash mob (video)

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It’s from last Christmas at the Calgary airport in Canada, 1130pm at night while folks are waiting on a red-eye.
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