Has plane travel gotten ruder, or have we?

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With three incidents this week of passenber “air rage,” has flying gotten too nasty or have we?
aircraft hangar fire suppression

Aircraft hangar fire-suppression is totally cool — foam everywhere! (video)

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The video starts off so-so, then ends up really cool.
Airplane via Shutterstock

Economist predicts airlines will soon charge obese passengers more

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An economist is predicting pay-as-you-weigh airline charges could be in our future.
Bad smell via Shutterstock

Fart on the plane. Doctor’s orders.

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The TSA won’t be catching this weapon of mass destruction.
Dangerous photo taken by UPGRD travel blogger

Travel writer thrown off United flight for snapping photo of his seat

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Is it really a terrorist threat that the guy snapped a photo of the back of the seat in front of him?
Cathay Pacific Airways

Workers on Cathay Pacific Airline threaten to cut drink service and smiles

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Cathay Pacific Airline is threatening to impose US-like customer service if their wage demands aren’t met.
Delta Airlines via Shutterstock

Delta terminates musician’s 40-year SkyMiles contract

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Granted, he was earning miles for his cello, but Delta’s own agents let him do it for years.
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