Doberhuaha – Audi’s hilarious Super Bowl 2014 commercial

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“Doberhuahua” is Audi’s hysterical Super Bowl 2014 commercia that I stumbled upon by accident. I laughed out loud.

Kmart’s controversial new “Jingle Balls” boxer-short Christmas ad (video)

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It’s a hilarious ad that pretty much guarantees you’ll never think of “Jingle Bells” the same ever again.
"Remarriage" -- a revolutionary concept for Indian culture

Groundbreaking TV ad challenges conservative India’s opposition to divorce, remarriage

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It’s unheard of to get divorced, let alone remarried, in India. But that didn’t stop one advertiser.
lesbian-couple illinois

One of the most touching gay marriage ads, ever (video)

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It’s rare that sing the praises about any pro-gay ad, but this one from Illinois is just wonderful.
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