A same-sex couple with their adopted child, via Wikimedia Commons

The National Review has no idea why anti-gay adoption discrimination is a big deal

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You can believe that no parents are better than gay parents, but not on the government’s dime.
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, via Michigan Municipal League / Flickr

Even Michigan Republicans think its state government is too anti-gay

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When majorities of Republican voters tell you to stop, it’s time to stop.
Protest against religious exemptions, via Justin Eagan / Wikimedia Commons

Religious exemptions enacted for Michigan adoptions and North Carolina marriages

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Because anyone can be a bad parent if you believe hard enough.

Gay dads adopt 14 kids (video)

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“All of our kids have two parents that love them. Most of their friends don’t.”

Religious right calls Chief Justice Roberts’ adoption of 2 kids “second best”

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Religious right’s 47% moment comes two weeks before huge gay marriage case goes to Supreme Court.
lonely kid child abused

Putin nabs Russian orphans as human-shields to snub US

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Nothing says “dictator” like a man who grabs a needy orphan as a human-shield during a spat with another adult.

Now Romney supports gay adoption, DADT repeal, and hospital rights

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As a result of the secret meeting Romney held with gay Republicans, they now believe he has flip-flopped again.
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