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Why are abusive ex-gay therapy camps less-regulated than nail salons?

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A new campaign is seeking to pass basic regulations for ex-gay therapy camps.
Live chickens being violent thrown into storage bins, often by their legs and wings.

Graphic video, animal rights group says Chick-fil-A abuses chickens

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Video shows chickens violently thrown into storage areas, often by their wings and legs; others scalded alive.
If we can see your belly button, the terrorists win. (Belly button via Shutterstock)

TSA is now the Belly-Button Police

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A woman says she was chastised by TSA for her belly button showing while putting her belt back on at security.
Catholic priest in handcuffs pedophilia sex abuse child

LA Catholic archdiocese considering “massive” fundraiser to pay for child-rape settlements

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Considering the Catholic church has yet to come clean about the serial rape of kids, why would anyone donate?
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