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Heritage Foundation: Gay marriage means less marriage and more abortions

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Math is hard, but making up numbers to support your case? That’s easy.

Islam didn’t kill Canadian Cpl. Nathan Cirillo — but it helped

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Is it just me, or does talking about religious violence feel an awful lot like talking about gun violence?
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God is pro-choice

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The Bible is fairly consistent in defining things that are breathing as alive. As for other things, not so much.
The Benham boys, doing heterosexuality proud in their pastel shirts, perfectly coiffed hairdos, and fabulous hand gestures. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Anti-gay (former) HGTV stars: “We love homosexuals, Muslims,” hate their “agenda”

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The Benham boys, in fabulous pastel shirts with matching hairdos, went on CNN to defend their intolerance.
David Benham "celebrates" outside a family planning clinic that was closed in North Carolina.

HGTV scrubs home show by anti-gay anti-Muslim anti-abortion activist

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David Benham compared gay marriage to Nazi Germany.

Cruz & Huckabee avoiding social issues, while Putin is losing his mind

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12 interesting stories that I meant to write about, and never got to – but you should ready anyway.
Erick and Marlise Munoz, and their son, via Facebook.

Brain-dead pregnant Marlise Munoz removed from life support, body released to husband

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Pro-life activist hospital kept dead woman on life support for 2 months, even though her husband, parents said no.
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The Catholic conundrum named Francis

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Pope Francis moves away from dogma, while US Bishops focus on gays and abortion: Will there be a Catholic schism?
Marx, Engels and Trotsky, in better days. (dnaveh /

Girl Scout cookies turn girls into commie, man-hating, abortion-loving lesbians

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The religious right says the Girl Scouts teaches girls to “compete with men,” and we can’t have that.

I’d rather have Uncle Sam between my legs than John Boehner

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Panels of far-right GOP men shouldn’t be forcing their misogynistic, patronizing health care decisions on me.

GOP demands we defund Obamacare to stop abortion provision that’s an urban myth

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GOP Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) says we must defund health care reform to stop non-existent $1 abortion surcharge.
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Russia’s straight allies for gay rights

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Straight people in Russia, incensed about the anti-gay crackdown, are speaking up for gay & trans rights.

Texas state capitol trooper confiscates woman’s Maxi-Pad, but guns are okay (video)

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Video shows woman in tears after trooper confiscated her Maxi-Pad on way to watch abortion vote in Texas Senate.
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