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47% video creator, Scott Prouty, speaks

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The waiter who surreptitiously recorded Romney’s infamous 47% tirade speaks.

Guy who got Romney tattoo on face now wants it removed

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Romney’s comments about Obama voters wanting “gifts” was last straw. (Also got yelled at by strangers, a lot.)
Mitt Romney

Strapped to the roof of his own karma: Romney ends up with 47% of vote

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With ballots still being counted in MD, NY and CA, Mitt Romney is set to end up with 47% of the national vote.

George Will to Mitt Romney: “Quit despising the American people”

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Funny how the Republicans never spoke out against despising the American people before the election.
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Romney plans another fundraiser with 47% host Marc Leder

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Why would Romney want to remind people of the 47% quote again?
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Ryan gets testy, calls off interview, when asked about tax cuts (video)

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While Romney campaign staff blocks camera with paper for fear Ryan might mess up answer.
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Paul Ryan: 60% of US is moochers who aren’t “American”

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Ryan added that these people don’t “believe in the American idea” or “want the American dream.”

Romney: I lied to top donors, 47% comments “completely wrong”

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Why did Romney defend the comments for a month if today they’re “completely wrong”? Does he ever tell the truth?
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