David Petraeus

Trump considering Gen. Petraeus, who leaked classified info to mistress, for Sec. State

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Trump is considering appointing two generals who both have a history of being sloppy with classified information.

Trump lashes out over losing popular vote, falsely claims millions voted illegally

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Trump just lashed out on Twitter over his 2.2m loss in the popular vote. It’s telling, and troubelsome.
Mike Pence

Trump is already handing the presidency to Pence

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Trump is handing the presidency off to Mike Pence in the biggest and most offensive licensing deal in history.

Trump has the 3rd worst margin of victory in American history

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Donald Trump’s is the third weakest electoral victory in American history. Quite simply, he has no mandate.
gen. michael flynn

Gen. Flynn cried “lock her up” for Hillary’s security violations — what about Flynn’s violations?

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Trump’s White House NSA, Gen. Flynn, wants Hillary jailed for cybersecurity violations. What about his violations?
Jill Stein

Jill Stein plugs recount on Russian state TV, doesn’t mention Russians are the reason for the recount

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Jill Stein went on Russian TV to talk about the recount, and didn’t mention Russia is the reason for the recount.
Gen. Michael Flynn

Gen. Flynn alleged to have committed major breach of Pentagon security

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Trump incoming National Security Adviser Gen Flynn allegedly committed serious violations of information security.

Oregon didn’t reject LGBT rights on Election Day

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National headlines would have you believe Oregon voters rejected LGBT rights on election day. Don’t believe it.
alt right conference DC nazi salute

Nazi-saluting “Alt Right” conference closes with attack on Jews

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The racist “Alt Right” just held a DC conference where they adopted Nazi terminology/salutes & attacked Jews.

Saturday Night Live does Trump, possibly best ever

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Saturday Night Live did Donald Trump again this week, and it was possibly their funniest yet.

Mike Pence wants to cure me of being gay, but I’m uncivil

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Mike Pence wants to cure me from being gay, but I’m supposed to worry about him being booed at a show.
Hamilton the Musical

Trump tweets, then deletes, ANOTHER attack on Hamilton cast

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have elected a Twitter-troll as president-elect of the United States. Donald Trump today went off on a tirade against the cast of the blockbuster musical “Hamilton” ...

Art & history know no ‘safe space,’ and Hamilton owes Mike Pence no apology

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The cast of Hamilton owe Mike Pence no apology for simply expressing our people’s desire to breathe free.
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