Best TV News bloopers of 2013, Part II (video)

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I always get a chuckle out of these.

Best news bloopers of 2013 (this is awfully good)

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Then there was the weatherman referring to a “Mr. Hugh Janus”…

Neil Patrick Harris’ Emmy’s opening monologue

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It’s that time of year that I miss the Emmy’s. Not to be confused with the time of year that I miss the Tony’s.
Joel Silberman

Joel Silberman, ace progressive media trainer

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Interview with Joel Silberman, actor & singer, who has media-trained the best that our side has to offer.

Lady Gaga’s amazing a cappella Star Spangled Banner in NYC (video)

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Lady Gaga sung this at NYC Pride this past weekend. Not an easy song to sing even with accompaniment.

Video of Russian rocket explosion today

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Latest explosion poses a major setback to Russia’s lucrative space program.

Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number from the Tony Awards Sunday night (video)

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I had no idea the Tony Awards were last night. I’m seriously going to get my card revoked.
Patrick Stewart hugging woman who asked about domestic violence.

5 passionate minutes about violence against women, by Patrick Sterwart

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Actor Patrick Stewart gave a beautiful 5 minute talk about the importance of addressing violence against women.

Sequester stops Philly cops from arresting pot smokers (video)

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Man: “Are you gonna enforce the law?” Cop: “We don’t have the resources to do that right now.”

State of the Union 2013, text of and live blog

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You’ll find the entire text of the speech, and a word-cloud of it. Also feel free to jump in the comments.
Lyndon Johnson's State of the Union address, via the US House historical archive.

Excerpts of the State of the Union focus on economy, jobs

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“It is our generation’s task, then, to reignite the true engine of America’s economic growth.”
Video of President Obama’s inaugural speech 2013

A magical inaugural for the gays

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Obama took the gay community’s disappointment about yet another inaugural, and turned it around into a homerun.
Super high-resolution inauguration photo

Cool super-high resolution inauguration photo

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The Washington Post is asking people to tag themselves in a super high-resolution inauguration photo.
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