Working America Field Manager Dave Ninehouser at a Working America member's door. (Photo by Molly Theobald for the aflcio2008)

In field campaigns, a local messenger matters

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A new study shows that election campaigns connect better with voters when field organizers match the local voters.

Study: Fox News viewers are awfully conservative, even for Republicans

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As I’ve said before, skewed news based on skewed polls can lead to skewed election results and scr*wed candidates.
Mitt Romney

Romney would have won if all you stinking homeless people didn’t vote for Obama

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Romney’s campaign manager explains why Mittens lost. Basically, life in America is too easy for black people.
Mitt Romney

Bitter: Party of one. Mr. Romney, your table’s ready.

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Romney says Obama won by giving “gifts” to blacks, Latinos, youth. Others call it jobs, education & health care.
black voter

Romney didn’t win even one vote in 59 Philly neighborhoods

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It turns out that palling around with racists doesn’t endear you to black voters. Who knew?
The latest Simpson's episode mocked Karl Rove for refusing to acknowledge Obama's re-election.

Simpsons mock Karl Rove’s refusal to give up election night

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“I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission.”
"Unskewed polls" showed Romney winning the election by 11 points.

Romney “shellshocked,” fell for “unskewed” polls and Fox’s “unskewed” News

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Relying on his own pollster, who skewed heavily towards Republicans, Romney was convinced he’d won the election.
Money politics corruption

2012 election spending topped $6 billion

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“The most expensive election in American history.” Here are some of the big spenders.
Rich guys 1%

Romney wasn’t the only super-rich candidate to lose on Tuesday

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The 1% have been doing well the past few years, but surprisingly, not at the ballot box.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin responds to Sen. “Tiny Johnson”s offer to mansplain the budget

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“I was a double major in mathematics and political science, and served six years on the House Budget Committee.”
Obama tears up addressing campaign staff in Chicago

Emotional Pres. Obama tears up addressing campaign staff (video)

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An emotional President Obama addressed his 800 campaign staff yesterday, then went and greeted every one.

Jon Stewart’s election coverage (video)

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Stewart: “Wisconsin elected Tammy Baldwin, the first open-lesbian Senator — sorry, Lindsay Graham.”
Michael Moore

Michael Moore: Election was “total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes”

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Michael Moore: “This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost yesterday.”
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