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40% want Trump impeached; media polls higher than Trump

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Support is growing for Trump’s impeachment, and the mainstream media is more popular than Trump.

“Illegitimate,” the new t-shirt to fight Trump

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We all know Trump is illegitimate — now there’s a t-shirt! We’ve got “Trump-Putin” t-shirts and hats too!
John ARavosis Russia update

When Trump says “fake news” he’s schilling for Russia

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Every time Trump rants about “fake news,” he’s doing the bidding of the Russians.
elon musk

Elon Musk flip-flops on Trump’s Muslim ban

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is officially all over the place on Trump’s racist Muslim ban. Earlier this week, Musk tweeted in defense of the ban, suggesting that ...
Trump Putin hats

Trump relaxes sanctions on KGB successor

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Trump secretly relaxed sanctions on Russia’s KGB successor agency, FSB.
rex tillerson

Tillerson makes joke at Trump’s expense while addressing State employees

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Trump’s new Sec. of State Rex Tillerson told a joke today seemingly at Trump’s expense.

Trump tells Prayer Breakfast “to hell with it”

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Trump told a Chaplain “to hell with it” at the National Prayer Breakfast in front of a crowd of preachers.
Trump prayer breakfast

Trump attacks Schwarzenegger’s ratings at National Prayer Breakfast; Arnold blasts back

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Trump lost his mind again today at the National Prayer Breakfast, attacking Schwarzenegger’s TV ratings.
Martin Luther King, from the Nobel Foundation.

Trump’s MLK tribute was all about Trump. Whining.

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Donald Trump honored Martin Luther King today by whining about “fake news.”

Former KKK leader Duke: “The ideas I’ve fought for have won”

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Who says Donald Trump is dividing the country? He’s uniting Democrats and fair-minded Republicans against him, and now he’s united white supremacists in support. David Duke, ...

White House: Muslim ban isn’t a “ban,” even though Trump & Spicer called it a “ban”

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White House blames media for calling Muslim ban a “ban” even though Spicer and Trump both call it that.

It’s safe to turn on CNN again — Trump boycotts network

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Hallelujah. CNN is safe again. No more Jeffrey Lord. No more Kayleigh. (At least, if there’s a God, they’re gone — let’s pray Trump included them in the ban.) ...

Trump spares Obama LGBT exec. order, could undo it with “religious freedom” EO

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Trump won’t rescind Obama exec. order about federal contractors, but may sign “religious freedom” EO.
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