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Gay marriage via Shutterstock

Alabama judges are invoking Jim Crow laws to avoid issuing marriage licenses

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They do know how this story ends, right?
Matt Staver, screenshot via Right Wing Watch / YouTube

The Associated Press calls out Liberty Counsel for being a lying hate group

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When the Associated Press is calling you out for being a lying hate group, you’re a lying hate group.
Ted Cruz at a treason rally, via Creative Commons

It’s time to amend the Second Amendment

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If gun evangelists insist on misinterpreting the Second Amendment, let’s make it clearer.
Electoral College 2012, via Wikimedia Commons

The Electoral College has a ton of problems. Illegal immigration isn’t one of them.

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The Electoral College has a ton of problems. Illegal immigration isn’t one of them.
Jeb Bush, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Jeb on mass shootings (and economic inequality, and institutional racism, and climate change): “stuff happens”

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For Jeb Bush, “stuff happens” isn’t a gaffe, it’s a platform.
Man with gun via Shutterstock

Why can’t our gun policy look more like Canada’s?

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Canada has the thirteenth-highest rate of gun ownership in the world, and doesn’t have a mass shooting epidemic.
Pope Francis addresses Congress, screenshot via YouTube

The Vatican downplays Pope Francis’s meeting with Kim Davis

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The Vatican reminds us that the Pope meets with people all the time, and doesn’t necessarily agree with them.
Sugar free via Shutterstock

Corn syrup and artificial sweeteners are even worse for you than you thought

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Soda isn’t just bad for you; it’s one of the worst things people regularly consume.
Rick Perry, via AddictingInfo

Why are you praying over this shooting tragedy?

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Prayer in the face of tragedies like this is natural. It is also problematic.
Moloch, via Wikimedia Commons

Gun violence in America: the fires of Moloch

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Our tolerance of the loss of innocent lives due to gun violence should be as abhorrent to us as child sacrifice.
Ben Carson, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Ben Carson: Gravity, boy I dunno

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This from the supposed intellectual candidate in the GOP primary.
3D printed gun parts by Solid Concepts

Another mass shooting. You know the drill.

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America averages one mass shooting per day. We’ve gotten awfully predictable at dealing with them.
Terry Brandstad, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Iowa judge rules against voting rights for felons, state Supreme Court expected to weigh in

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As if denying ex-felons voting rights wasn’t bad enough, Iowa’s policy is self-contradictory and legally murky.
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