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Hezbollah and the Kremlin are now rooting for Trump

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The terrorist group Hezbollah and the Kremlin’s propaganda organ are now both defending Donald Trump.
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Incredible video of woman and dog being rescued from sinking car in Baton Rouge

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Absolutely incredible video of a woman and her dog being rescued from a sinking car in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Katrina Pierson

Trump spokesperson: Obama invaded Afghanistan in 2001

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Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson claimed today that President Obama invaded Afghanistan.
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Daily Beast outs gay Olympic athletes, many from “notoriously homophobic” countries

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The Daily Beast just outed at least 5 Olympic athletes, some from “notoriously homophobic” countries.
Donald Trump speaks in Florida, with disgraced former congressman Mark Foley seated right behind him.

The Mark Foley snafu: Amateur-hour strikes again at the Trump campaign

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Trump criticized Hillary for Orlando shooter’s dad being at her rally, while disgraced Rep. Foley was at Trump’s.
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The media is grossly inflating ISIS’ reach

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The media is grossly exaggerating when it claims that the Islamic State now operates in “18 countries.”

Wikileaks/Assange promoting conspiracy that Hillary killed DNC staffer

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Wikileaks and Julian Assange have embraced a conspiracy theory claiming Hillary killed a young DNC staffer.

Putin’s Downfall (satire video) — Putin finds out that Trump called for Hillary to be shot, and he’s ticked

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Putin’s Downfall: A satire video of Russia’s Putin getting the news that Trump just suggested shooting Hillary.

Giuliani: Trump supporters would cheer Trump’s call to assassinate Hillary

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Donald Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani says Trump supporters would love for him to call for Hillary’s death.

More conservative Islam-bashing from the Daily Caller

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Conservative media is now lying about a Muslim pool party in France in order to bash Islam.
Donald Trump, via iprimages / Flickr

This guy agrees with Trump, he wants Hillary dead

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Meet someone who heard Trump’s message about killing Hillary, and who agrees wholeheartedly.
Trump assassinate Hillary

Trump just suggested that Hillary or her Supreme Court picks be assassinated

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Donald Trump joked today that one solution to Hillary’s Supreme Court picks is having her, or them, shot to death.
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While Trump coddles Putin, Hillary knows how to handle dictators

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While Trump coddles Putin, Hillary has a track record of standing up to authoritarian bullies.
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