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The GOP’s Ebola death panels

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The Republican party just gutted President Obama’s request to study experimental Ebola treatments.

Dog faints on seeing owner after 2 years away (video)

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The dog got checked out by the vet, and all is well — the poor thing simply fainted from the excitement.

Two women, in their 90s, marry in Iowa after 72 years together

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Vivian Boyack, 91, and Alice “Nonie” Dubes, 90, married in Davenport, Iowa this weekend.
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Miniaturization in medicine-arrhythmia detection

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Implantable and wireless, a new miniature device can measure heart rhythm, and communicate with a doctor’s office.

Christians should accept marriage equality

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Christians, including Catholics, compromise their “immutable sexual principles” all the time. And should again.
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Severe viral illness infecting children, spreading through several states

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Outbreaks have been reported in MO, KS, IL, KY, IA, CO, OH, OK, NC, and GA.
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Three resources for getting into football this season

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Are you ready for some football? It’s that time again, and here’s how to finally understand the game.
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Corruption investigations, and a conviction, dim GOP hopes for the White House in 2016

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With McDonnell, Christie, Walker and Perry mired in criminal investigations, the GOP has a 2016 problem.

This is what a massive online privacy violation looks like

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2nd gay smartphone app “Jack’d” reveals exact location of gay men worldwide, including 282 in Iran.

But is it art?

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A walk through Boston, and its ubiquitous “not art” street art, turns the definition of art on its head.
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