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Joe Wilson

Joe “You lie!” Wilson shouted down with cries of “You lie!” at townhall

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Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, who infamously shouted “You lie!” at President Obama during a joint session of Congress back in 2009, just got shouted down at a constituent ...
United Airlines criticism passenger

Smearing United’s victim

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Last night, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz blamed a bleeding passenger for the cops dragging him unconscious from a United flight this past Sunday. Now we have press reports attempting ...

United Airlines CEO blames unconscious bloody passenger for police assault on flight

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In a horrifying story that’s taken over Twitter this morning, United Airlines last night had the Chicago police violently remove a passenger from a flight because United wanted ...

28% of Trump’s Twitter followers are eggs

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28% of Donald Trump’s Twitter followers are eggs, according to an analysis from Bloomberg. In Twitter parlance, an egg is trouble. Sometimes a bot, usually a troll, eggs tends ...
putin gay clown

Colbert on Putin banning depiction of himself as a gay clown

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Russian president Vladimir Putin has reportedly banned a depiction of himself, used by opposition protesters, as a gay clown. It’s not known exactly which gay-clown depiction ...

Why were Bannon, Kushner, Miller, Ross, Spicer in Situation Room Syria briefing?

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White House spokesman Sean Spicer tweeted a photo today of Donald Trump and key staff receiving a Syria briefing from his national security team. The photo is reminiscent of the Situation ...

Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway promote conspiracist who says Syria gas attack is a hoax

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Donald Trump Jr. and senior Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway this week promoted a far-right leader who is claiming that the Syrian chemical weapons attack is a hoax perpetrated by ...
Jared Kushner, photo by Lori Berkowitz Photography

Magazine owner Jared Kushner doesn’t understand a free press

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Donald Trump’s son-in law, and putative secretary of state, vice president, and First Lady Jared Kushner doesn’t seem to understand the concept of a free press. It’s ...

GOP Congress to let women be a pre-existing condition again

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UPDATE: CNN just announced that there will NOT be a health care deal this week, before Congress returns home for two weeks for the Easter recess. This is GREAT news. But, CNN also reports, ...
Juliette Kayyem

It was impossible for Susan Rice’s “unmasking” to be directed at Trump

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CNN had a good segment last night with terrorism expert Juliette Kayyem, among others. Kayyem raised an excellent point about “unmasking,” that proves that whatever Susan ...

Trump & Putin had secret back-channel line of communication during transition

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The Washington Post is reporting that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin established a secret back-channel line of communication during the transition in early January. Trump and Putin allegedly ...
Dan Scavino

Embattled White House social media director Scavino crazy-tweets AP reporter

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White House social media director Dan Scavino flipped out yesterday on Twitter at a reporter who asked him about allegations that he violated federal ethics laws. Ethics experts say ...

Send a letter to your Senators: Block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch

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Donald Trump’s nominee to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, is moving along in confirmation hearings. Gorsuch is a right-wing ideologue, but even Senate ...
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