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Dog senses woman’s breast cancer (BBC video, not April Fools)

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BBC: “We now know that dogs like max are smelling the tiny volatile chemicals given off by cancerous tumors.”

Stray dogs from Sochi arrive in DC to be adopted (video)

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I guess now you’d call them capitalist dogs :)

World’s most tolerant cat (video)

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This cat meets not one, but two puppies. And handles it like a champ.

What to do when a baby lion steals your flip-flops

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A wonderful short video of one guy’s visit as a volunteer to a wild game preserve in South Africa.

Dog and bird roll around together playing in the yard (video)

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Definitely one of the stranger videos. The dog is definitely playing. No idea what the bird is doing.

Lion cubs venture out with dad for 1st time, dad’s a bit of a dick (video)

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The zoo says that within a few days, dad was grooming the kids, so all is well.

Adorable pug is very happy to see his owner return home (video)

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This little (old) guy was so excited to have his owner return home that he belted out a song. Kind of.

Classic “Jurassic Park” raptor scene, remade with cats (video)

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The scene where the kids are trapped in the kitchen, with the raptors stalking them. This is great.

The wild rabbits of Okunoshima, Japan (video)

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The story goes, the rabbits were used to test chemical weapons during WWII, and then released and multiplied.
bull motorcycle x

It’s all fun and games, until a bull runs you out of town (video)

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A guy is showing off his new motorcycle. The locall bulls are not impressed.
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