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Dog and bird roll around together playing in the yard (video)

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Definitely one of the stranger videos. The dog is definitely playing. No idea what the bird is doing.

Lion cubs venture out with dad for 1st time, dad’s a bit of a dick (video)

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The zoo says that within a few days, dad was grooming the kids, so all is well.

Adorable pug is very happy to see his owner return home (video)

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This little (old) guy was so excited to have his owner return home that he belted out a song. Kind of.

Classic “Jurassic Park” raptor scene, remade with cats (video)

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The scene where the kids are trapped in the kitchen, with the raptors stalking them. This is great.

The wild rabbits of Okunoshima, Japan (video)

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The story goes, the rabbits were used to test chemical weapons during WWII, and then released and multiplied.
bull motorcycle x

It’s all fun and games, until a bull runs you out of town (video)

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A guy is showing off his new motorcycle. The locall bulls are not impressed.

US Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy saves puppies in Sochi

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He’s lined up kennels and vaccinations for the puppies, and hopes to bring some of them back home with him.

Cam accidentally dropped from plane, lands in pig pen, found by pig – recorded everything

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If true, this is hysterical.
Copenhagen zoo director Bengt Holst.

Outrage over Danish zoo killing healthy “surplus” giraffe, dissecting in front of kids, feeding it to lions

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The giraffe was dissected in front of school kids, then fed to the lions.
Stray dogs in Siberia, via Shutterstock

Thousands of dogs may be shot, poisoned to make way for Sochi Olympics

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And the gold medal in animal cruelty goes to…
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