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Puppy discovers doorstop. Trust me. (video)

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60 seconds of non-stop oh-my-god.

Petco to stop selling treats from China, after 1,000 dog deaths

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Of course, the Chinese threat goes far beyond dog food. Their people food is problematic too.

Cat says “hey” (video)

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A fun, short video to start the morning.

Little boy saved by cat does adorable TV interview (video)

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“She’s a hero!”

Cat saves little boy from dog attack, stunning video

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A little boy was literally getting dragged off by a neighbor’s dog when his cat Tara came to the rescue.

CA highway patrol rescues chihuahua from middle of freeway

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The dog has been named “Freeway,” and is doing well. Lots of folks have stepped forward to adopt her.

Dog befriends disabled kitten (video)

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Max the cattle dog has taken a liking to Ralphee, a kitten with feline cerebellar hypoplasia.

The mean kitty song (video)

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In honor of demon-cat, who yet again trapped Sasha on the couch right before we left for the airport.

Demon-cat nearly departed the world of the living last night

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Ironically, demon-cat was saved from certain death by the man she hates the most: moi.

Today is AMERICAblog’s 10th anniversary

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I’d like to thank everyone who’s stood by us, and take you for a walk through some of our greatest hits.
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