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Paris Dennard is burning

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Sycophantic Trump supporter, Paris Dennard, was fired from Arizona State University four years ago after multiple female coworkers accused him of some pretty egregious sexual harassment, ...

Trump’s crazy-ass deplorable Nazi fascist base

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In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we discuss Michael Cohen’s plea deal, and we dig deeper into Trump’s growing mania over the past few weeks — certainly caused ...

Omarosa, railroading Keith Ellison, and Disney’s gay-for-pay controversy

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Today’s big topic is Omarosa and her impact on the Mueller probe. And while Cliff and I spend a good deal of time talking about just that, we also discussed the sexual assault ...
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Video: Rosie O’Donnell & Broadway stars sing-protest the White House

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Rosie O’Donnell and 55 Broadway singers descended on the White House last week to perform at Day 22 of our ongoing Kremlin Annex protests. I had initially lost the video in a ...

Sarah Huckabee Snowflake

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CNN’s Jim Acosta had an incredible back and forth with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders this week, in which Acosta tried to get Sanders to say that she doesn’t ...

White House protest leader Adam Parkhomenko talks about his anti-Trump events

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Adam Parkhomenko, the coordinator of the never-ending nights of anti-Trump protests taking place at the White House in the days following Trump’s disastrous Helsinki Summit with ...
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Would Americans vote for a socialist?

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A new poll has a conflicting message about whether Americans (outside of Vermont and the Bronx) would vote for a “socialist.” And this may be more a lesson in the importance ...

Anti-Trump protesters shout “LOCK HIM UP!” as Trump arrives at the White House

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On day 7 of the never-ending nights of anti-Trump protests at the Kremlin Annex (formerly known as the White House), I was able to capture video of Donald Trump and Melania walking ...

Why Ady Barkan has hope even in this dark hour

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Attorney and activist Ady Barkan was diagnosed two years ago with ALS, at the age of 31. Ady has channeled his illness into some remarkable activism on health care, but also on progressive ...

White House faces daily protests after Trump appeases Putin in Helsinki

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Donald Trump is facing daily, and growing, protests following his disastrous summit in Helsinki with Russian president Vladimir Putin, in which Trump threw America under the Russian ...

Trump committed treason in Helsinki

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Our president is a traitor owned by a foreign power. That’s the conclusion that even skeptics are finally reaching, following Trump’s horrific press conference with Russian ...
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Another brilliant Randy Rainbow satire of Trump

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If you aren’t familiar with Randy Rainbow’s satires, google him, he’s amazing. In this latest, Trump recently, again, referred to himself as a “very stable genius.” ... New site tackles Jim Jordan Ohio State sexual abuse scandal

Facebook Tweet Reddit is a new Web site I’ve set up as a one-stop shop for information about the Representative Jim Jordan Ohio State sexual abuse scandal. This week, Jim Jordan hired ...
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