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UDPATE: Trump WH aide Monica Crowley steps down over plagiarism

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Senior Trump White House appointee Monica Crowley has been accused of plagiarizing her Ph.D. She should lose it.
CIA Director John Brennan

Breaking: Trump accuses CIA director of leaking bombshell Russia memo

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Trump just accused CIA Director Brennan of leaking the bombshell memo claiming he’s been compromised by Russia.

FBI Director Jim Comey should NOT resign

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FBI Director Jim Comey should not resign. Why? Because Trump’s replacement will be far worse.
Protestors in Ferguson, by Jamelle Bouie

Add your name if you agree: Police MUST report all deaths in custody to DOJ

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Tell the Department of Justice that police MUST report all deaths in custody, as required by law.

C-SPAN mysteriously replaced by Russian TV, while power goes out at CIA director hearing

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The power went out today at the Senate hearing for the new CIA director, while C-SPAN was replaced by Russian TV.

Michelle Obama surprises people making “thank you” videos for her

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Michelle Obama was on Jimmy Fallon’s show where she surprised people making “thank you” videos for her. Wonderful.

Hacker tool psychologically profilesTrump by his tweets

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An American hacker has created a “Minority Report” style tool that lets him profile Donald Trump by his tweets.
Twitter logo

Wikileaks threatens to collect dossiers on Twitter users

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In a move some on Twitter are calling Gestapo-esque, appeared to threaten every single verified Twitter user — a move that would appear to violate Twitter’s anti-harassment ...
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Trump and Russians use same talking point to disparage CIA, Congress over hacks

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President-elect Donald Trump today used a Russian government talking point to disparage the US intelligence community and Republicans (and Democrats) in Congress who want answers about ...
DNI Clapper.

Intel leaders: Trump is hurting morale, could force people to leave

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US intelligence community leaders says Donald Trump has hurt morale, and may force staff to quit.
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