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Why can’t our gun policy look more like Canada’s?

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Canada has the thirteenth-highest rate of gun ownership in the world, and doesn’t have a mass shooting epidemic.
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Corn syrup and artificial sweeteners are even worse for you than you thought

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Soda isn’t just bad for you; it’s one of the worst things people regularly consume.
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Why are you praying over this shooting tragedy?

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Prayer in the face of tragedies like this is natural. It is also problematic.
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Gun violence in America: the fires of Moloch

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Our tolerance of the loss of innocent lives due to gun violence should be as abhorrent to us as child sacrifice.
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Another mass shooting. You know the drill.

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America averages one mass shooting per day. We’ve gotten awfully predictable at dealing with them.
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Bipartisan sentencing reform bill to be introduced in the Senate today

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In today’s Senate, bipartisan coalitions on substantive issues are nothing short of amazing.
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As America’s infrastructure crumbles, water privatization becomes more likely

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Why manage our own natural resources when corporations are willing to do it for us (for insane profits)?
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Refugees, then and now

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In principle, fleeing violence is nothing new, but the costs of mobility are lower and the stakes are higher now.
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House Republicans have created their own ideological spectrum

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The most conservative Republican under Reagan would be a RINO in today’s GOP.
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This chart shows how little Republicans care about accurately portraying Planned Parenthood

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Any sixth grader could tell you that this isn’t how charts are supposed to work.
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