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Trump’s a traitor

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Putin had several American troops killed and Trump did nothing about it. That’s today’s big topic, along with coronavirus and the latest election polls.

David Frum discusses his new book, “Trumpocalypse: Restoring American Democracy”

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David Frum on his new book, “Trumpocalypse,” and how America returns to any sense of normalcy after Trump is hopefully defeated this fall.

Media Matters’ Fox News watcher Matt Gertz on the pernicious influence of right-wing media

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Media Matters’ Fox-watching guru Matt Gertz (not to be confused with crazy far-right congressman Matt Gaetz — Matt receives a lot of hate tweets directed at the other guy, ...

The funny side of Covid-19, with humorist Rex Huppke

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Chicago Tribune humor columnist Rex Huppke joins us again for a hilarious discussion about death, corruption and economic decay. That is what we talked about, but it was actually really ...

Biden doing well, per latest polls

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Joe Biden is besting Trump in the latest polls, even though Trump is getting way more TV time. The crisis has not been kind to the great orange one.

Please don’t drink the bleach

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We discuss Trump’s latest crazy idea that maybe people should inject bleach in order to cure themselves of the Coronavirus, or, he added, maybe we can inject ourselves with UV ...
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