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Charles Murray, via The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy / Flickr

By the Ruling Class: Charles Murray’s anti-democratic revolution

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Charles Murray’s new book says what the oligarchs are already thinking.
A rhetorical question, via Wikimedia Commons

Supreme Court to reconsider whether one person really does equal one vote

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Two Texans are arguing that illegal immigrants are diluting their voting power.
Register, via Southern Studies / Creative Commons

Illinois bill would enact automatic voter registration via the DMV

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An unobjectionably good idea that is likely to get vetoed by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.
Larry Hogan, via Fort Meade / Flickr

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan vetoes criminal justice reform and voting rights, abstains on LGBT protections

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You don’t “oppose…all forms of discrimination” if you veto criminal justice reform.
George Bush delivers a State of the Union address, via Wikimedia Commons

George W. Bush reportedly sought to officiate same-sex wedding in 2013

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Bush reportedly doesn’t remember making the offer, which sounds all too familiar.

John Ashcroft’s son pushing constitutional amendment to allow voter ID in Missouri

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Photo ID requirements for voting have been unconstitutional in Missouri since 2006.
Canvassers, via Wikimedia Commons

Michael LaCour likely faked more than just his LGBT canvassing study

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More issues with Michael LaCour’s work are emerging after allegations of faked data in LGBT study.
2012 Best Medic Competition, via Wikimedia Commons

War never changes, but the way we take care of our veterans must

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If you want to pay for people to go to war, you have to pay to take care of them when they get home.
Mike Huckabee, via Wikimedia Commons

It is Mike Huckabee’s deeply-held religious belief that Al Gore should have been president

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Mike Huckabee apparently thinks “judicial supremacy” means Bush v. Gore was wrongly decided.
Arab Spring protest, via Wikimedia Commons

The next American revolution has already begun

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Americans are overwhelmingly dissatisfied our country’s political system, and it’s starting to show.
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