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Trump says Dems concocted Russia conspiracy, but he fired Flynn anyway

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In his latest tweetstorm, Donald Trump, furious over the ongoing leaks that are methodically building the case for treason against him, claimed that Democrats are responsible for creating ...

Trump smears NSA & FBI, says they’re “un-American,” act like Russians

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Donald Trump compared the NSA and FBI to “Russia” in a series of tweets complaining about compromising leaks.
Gen. Michael Flynn

White House already lying about Flynn “resignation.” We need an investigation.

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The White House responded to the breaking news that Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned last night, by doing what they do best: lying. Last night, General Flynn resigned ...

“Un-american,” the t-shirt to resist Trump in style

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I’ve created an anti-Trump t-shirt that I call “un-American.” 100% of the proceeds go to our “Fight Trump” work.
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Tell Congress to appoint an independent Russia commission now

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Please join me in urging Congress to support an independent and bipartisan commission to investigate Russian attempts to subvert our democracy. You can send a letter to your members ...

Gen. Flynn led standing ovation for Putin in Moscow

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Trump National Security Adviser led a standing ovation for Vladimir Putin in Moscow last winter.
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Sean Spicer was SNL’s Melissa McCarthy today

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer was off his rocker today, getting visibly angry and cutting off reporters at his daily White House briefing. Spicer quite literally became his ...
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Mike Pence lied about Steve Bannon’s military service

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Donald Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence, claimed last week that embattled top Trump adviser Steve Bannon served as a captain in the US Navy, and he was not. Bannon, you may ...

Trump, who skirted military duty with a “bone spur,” says McCain “emboldens the enemy”

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If it was unclear before if John McCain was going to be a major thorn in the side of Donald Trump, that was cleared up this morning when Trump tweeted that McCain “emboldens the ...
Donald Trump

CNN: White House lawyers “cringing” over Trump’s attacks on judges considering Muslim ban

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Lawyers at the White House and DOJ are “cringing” over Trump’s open attacks on judges deciding Muslim ban.
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