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What each category of hurricane can do to a house (video)

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The Weather Channel shows you what each increasingly category of hurricane can do to a home. It’s scary.
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Hillary’s video recapping the VP debate is delicious

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During the VP debate, Pence denied a lot of things that Trump actually said. So Hillary made a video. Watch it.
Justin Bieber, by Lou Stejskal.

The last time Trump paid taxes… Justin Bieber was born

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The last time Donald Trump paid taxes, a man named Forrest Gump was sitting down with a box of chocolates.
presidential debate

Presidential debate open thread

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I’ll be live-tweeting the debate on my Twitter account @aravosis — feel free to join me there.
Can't Vote, via Daniel Lobo / Flickr

As elections are delayed, Palestinian leaders suppresses free speech

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Pro-Palestinian activists must stand against all rights violations equally, including by Palestinian leaders.
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The Russia-US truce in Syria leaves an Islamist mess

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With no official documentation publicly available, the latest Syria cease-fire negotiated by the US and Russia has been criticized as unusually vague, nontransparent, and weak. But ...
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AP and the challenge organizations face with social media

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AP’s erroneous tweet about the Clinton Foundation raises the issue of how organizations run their social media.
NEW YORK CITY, NY - SEP 2: Light beams are lit at the site in memory of World Trade Center destroyed on September 11. September 11, 2010 in Manhattan, New York City. Songquan Deng /

These annual 9/11 remembrances freak me out

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How many years it will take until we stop reliving that awful day in September rather than simply honoring it?
stop trump

Please donate to my campaign to stop Donald Trump

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I am asking you to support me over the next 3 months in a campaign to defeat Trump and win back the Congress.
Photo courtesy of WFOR.

Cops rescue autistic boy’s birthday party

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Mother after mother canceled, uncomfortable with the boy being autistic. Then the cops came, and saved the party.
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