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Chelsea Manning, via Wikimedia Commons

Chelsea Manning could face indefinite solitary confinement for possession of books and toothpaste

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Solitary confinement is torture. Torturing someone for books and toothpaste is beyond cruel and unusual.
Beyonce, via Wikimedia Commons

#BeyBeAHERO: How Beyonce could help ensure LGBT equality in Houston

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The cultural icon and Houston native could, with a single Tweet, save the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance.
The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee, via Wikimedia Commons

Milwaukee archdiocese miffed at art depicting pope with condoms settles child molestation case for $21 million

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The same people throwing a hissy fit over condom art used every trick in the book to pay child abuse victims less.
Observers gather around Eggs Benedict, screenshot via YouTube

“Eggs Benedict” art installation portrays former pope using 17,000 condoms

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The installation is meant as a commentary on Pope Benedict’s opposition to condom use to fight the AIDS epidemic.
George Bush addresses the Boy Scouts' National Jamboree in 2005, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s time to revoke the Boy Scouts’ congressional charter

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It can ban non-believers, or it can have government endorsement, but it has to choose.
Jerusalem Pride, via Wikimedia Commons

Repeat offender suspected in ultra-Orthodox stabbing at Jerusalem pride parade

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The suspect was released from prison three weeks ago after serving ten years for a nearly identical attack.
Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, screenshot via YouTube

Colorado GOP walks back State Rep. Klingenschmitt’s hate speech on Boy Scouts, not on trans military service

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If calling gay men pedophiles is worthy of condemnation, why isn’t calling trans people pedophiles?

The Emperor of St. Louis has a few stories to tell

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In a newly-released memoir, AMERICAblog contributor Chris Andoe recounts tales of debauchery and intrigue.
Shooting range, via Wikimedia Commons

Arkansas gun range bans Muslims, claims “private club” exemption

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You don’t get to simply declare yourself a private club in order to justify discrimination.
Boy Scouts, via IgorGolovniov /

Boy Scouts vote to allow openly gay leaders, Mormon Church considering exit

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The long-anticipated move has the Latter-Day Saints up in arms.
Stained glass church religion

Gay rights may come at the cost of religious freedom…if you redefine religious freedom

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Religious worries over religious liberty are really just Christian worries over their receding hegemony.
President Obama speaks in Kenya, screenshot via YouTube

President Obama calls out Kenya on LGBT rights, corruption

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Kenyan elected officials warned Obama not to talk about LGBT rights. He ignored them.
Katy Perry's Twitter avatar

Pop stars in Democratic politics

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Katy Perry just changed her Twitter avatar to match Hillary Clinton’s logo, continuing a trend.
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