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Jerusalem Pride, via Wikimedia Commons

Why was a Jewish LGBTQ group removed, then reinstated, at Creating Change?

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Can LGBTQ issues in Israel be separated the country’s broader politics?

How Russia rejected its latest anti-gay law, and what its failure means

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Why this is both less and more important than you think.
Church and State, via Shutterstock

New “religious freedom” bill in Georgia has nothing to do with religion

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The bill limits its scope to “matrimonial ceremonies,” dropping the pretense that it protects religious freedom.
Hobby Lobby photo via DangApricot. Pope clothes via Shutterstock (Maxisport /

Kim Davis wasn’t the only crusader for Christian privilege invited to the State of the Union

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Paul Ryan’s guests have a bone to pick with Obama over “religious freedom,” as well.
Congressman Jim Jordan, via Wikimedia Commons

Rep. Jim Jordan’s staff gave his State of the Union tickets to the Family Research Council

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So THAT’S how Kim Davis got in.
Tony Perkins, via

Why does the Family Research Council have a ticket to the State of the Union to spare for Kim Davis?

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They’re a hate group. Who’s letting them in?
Roy Moore, via Mike Licht / Flickr

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is massively resisting marriage equality again

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This guy again?
gay marriage wedding cake

There is no zero-sum competition between LGBT rights and religious freedom

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The “gay rights vs. religious freedom” juxtaposition is misdirected and harmful.
Kentucky Governor-elect Matt Bevin, via Wikimedia Commons

Kentucky governor Bevin issues executive orders rolling back voting rights and minimum wage, gives Kim Davis a win

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Elections have consequences.
Ted Cruz, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Iowa Ted Cruz, meet Manhattan Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz’s support for theocracy appears to depend on his audience and location.
Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham quit the GOP a while ago, and he’s still probably voting for Trump or Cruz

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The GOP is a home for theocrats, whether they officially say so or not.
Chris Christie, via Wikimedia Commons

Christie ties terrorism to trans kids’ “confusion” over their gender identities

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The need for cognitive closure is strong with this one.
Marco Rubio, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Don’t call bigot Marco Rubio a bigot, you bigot

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He can call denying LGBT people’s identities and rights whatever he wants; it’s dictionary-definition bigotry.
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