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Happy Holidays, via Flickr

The Faith Equality Index is here just in time for shopping season, and it’s fabulous

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Check out what counts as a faith-friendly business.
Martin O'Malley, via Wikimedia Commons

Martin O’Malley calls for clearing military records of those discharged due to sexual orientation

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13,000 gay and lesbian members of the armed forces were discharged for violating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Politics on full display at Buenos Aires Pride

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Good food, great music, fierce queens and old-fashioned campaigning.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Kentucky Governor-elect Bevin will bail Kim Davis out on day one

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This is the biggest win Davis could have hoped for.
book of mormon mormons

Mormon Church declares same-sex couples apostates, bars their children from baptism

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It’s one thing to be opposed to same-sex marriage. It’s another thing to declare kids immoral by association.
Ted Cruz, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Christian supremacist Ted Cruz ducks question about endorsing “kill the gays” pastor

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Not the boldest stance against political correctness from this culture warrior.
Ben Carson, screenshot via YouTube

Ben Carson proposes separate but equal bathrooms for trans people

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Does he realize that one bathroom for both trans men and women doesn’t solve the problem? Nevermind.
Israeli pop star and Jewish trans woman Dana International, via Wikimedia Commons

Reform Judaism approves major resolution providing for transgender inclusion

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Inclusion is a Jewish value.

Save San Francisco’s Cadillac Hotel

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A place for those with nowhere else to go needs your help.
Houston, via Wikimedia Commons

Houston votes against equal rights

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The campaign should be instructive for what the LGBT community will face in future battles.
Voting booth via Shutterstock

The ballot initiatives you should be paying attention to this Election Day

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There are lots of important elections going on today. Here are the ballot initiatives to watch.
The Bible, via

Religious organizations are using religious arbitration to skirt secular law

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Why worry about Sharia law when we already have our own version of it?
Greg Abbott, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Texas Governor Greg Abbott encourages “NO” vote on HERO: “No men in women’s bathrooms”

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The entire campaign against HERO is based on a vile lie.
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