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Mike Pence caricature, via

Indiana Governor Pence testing the waters for raising “right to discriminate” bill from the dead

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The new bill would be a slightly watered down version of his last try. A zombie RFRA, if you will.

Fired gay priest: Vatican has a retreat for gay priests to pray the gay away

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As one might imagine, the Vatican hasn’t reported any success stories.
Bernie Sanders in 1991, via Wikimedia Commons

Is Bernie Sanders exaggerating his gay rights record?

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Bernie Sanders says he hasn’t evolved on gay rights because he was always there. Is that true?
America, circa 2016, except Blount County, Tennessee, via Wikimedia Commons

Blount County, Tennessee to vote on whether to ask God to spare them from coming anti-gay wrath

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Every time the government endorses religion, an angel rips of a fish’s legs.
Gay marriage via Shutterstock

Alabama judges are invoking Jim Crow laws to avoid issuing marriage licenses

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They do know how this story ends, right?
Matt Staver, screenshot via Right Wing Watch / YouTube

The Associated Press calls out Liberty Counsel for being a lying hate group

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When the Associated Press is calling you out for being a lying hate group, you’re a lying hate group.
Pope Francis addresses Congress, screenshot via YouTube

The Vatican downplays Pope Francis’s meeting with Kim Davis

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The Vatican reminds us that the Pope meets with people all the time, and doesn’t necessarily agree with them.
Pope Francis. Philip Chidell /

Kim Davis claims she met with Pope Francis. Would it matter?

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He already endorsed her position. Why does it matter if he told her so in person?

Why is Liberty Counsel claiming Kim Davis is an international superstar?

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Why did Liberty Counsel feel the need to lie about Kim Davis’s (lack of) foreign support?
Lance Sanderson, via Twitter

High schooler Lance Sanderson suspended for attempting to bring same-sex date to homecoming

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His school’s Code of Conduct specifically prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.
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