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Kim Davis files brief in contempt hearing arguing it’s “factually impossible” for her to comply with SCOTUS

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Kim Davis isn’t unable to issue marriage licenses; she’s unwilling.
Kim Davis

Add adultery to the list of sins Kim Davis can live with ahead of same-sex marriage

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God hates adulterers wayyyyy more than God hates gays, but no matter for County Clerk/Minister of God Kim Davis.
Kim Davis, screenshot via

Defying Supreme Court, Kim Davis denies same-sex couple marriage licenses “under God’s authority”

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Kim Davis is fighting the law. When will the law win?
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Supreme Court denies Kim Davis’s request for stay. Will she make a final stand?

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Davis couldn’t get three Supreme Court justices to agree that her appeal deserved to be heard.
Alison Bechdel, via Chase Elliott Clark / Flickr

Duke freshmen who refuse to read Fun Home seem genuinely confused about what porn is

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Fun Home’s depictions of female sexuality aren’t meant to give you a hard-on. They’re meant to tell a story.
NOM co-founder Brian Brown, via Wikimedia Commons

National Organization for Marriage only musters four signatures for marriage equality repeal pledge

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NOM is dying a slow, painful death. Being ignored by the Republican field is but the latest nail in their coffin.
Josh Duggar and Mike Huckabee, via Tengrain / Flickr

Duggar rehab sounds about as legit as Duggar sex ed

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Josh Duggar will be working and Bible-studying, not counseling, his way out of his self-described porn addiction.
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, via Wikimedia Commons

Illinois becomes 4th state (plus DC) to ban ex-gay conversion therapy for minors

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A big win for Illinois, with similar legislation working its way through more states.
Josh Duggar, screenshot via YouTube

Josh Duggar posts apology for infidelity, edits it to remove references to porn and molestation

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After blaming his infidelity on the corrosive, addictive power of porn, Duggar changed (and shortened) his story.
Church and State, via Shutterstock

130 religious and secular organizations call for Obama to reverse Bush memo allowing religious groups to discriminate

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The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was never intended to grant sweeping licenses to discriminate.
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