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What happens when a guy asks random guys for a date (video)

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Most reactions were pretty good, a few negative, and some interesting surprises.

Vintage 1960s IRS video introduces anxious Americans to wonder of “computers”

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“This is the real heart of the Martinsburg monster.”

Hilarious Southwest Flight attendant does the safety talk like you’ve never heard it (video)

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“And if you’re traveling with small children, we’re sorry.”

NASA got some great photos of the Blood Moon

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Last night’s total lunar eclipse in North and South America turned the moon blood red, and NASA got some images.
Lunar eclipse "blood moon" in Washington, DC back in 2004. © John Aravosis

Blood Moon full eclipse

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Found out when the full lunar eclipse is happening tonight in your area.
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We need your help sharing our stories on social media – here’s why

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The only way progressive sites can make enough revenue to stay alive is if you share our content on social media.

Rajesh Vaidhya plays the “veena,” a sitar-like instrument (video)

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Rajesh Vaidhya is a master of a large stringed instrument of the sitar family called a “veena.”

Unsung hero (a video on the importance of good deeds)

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A bit hokey, but heart-warming, video about the value of doing small good deeds every day.

1980s Televangelist or Old TV Video Game? (video)

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Street Fighter Church Edition. Reimagining those 1980s TV evangelists as old-school video games.

An & Ria take their hilarious first flight at ages 72 & 78 (video)

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“This was the best day of my life.”
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