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Never mind

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Dear NYT, WGYN is not a radio station in Chicago.

Sasha Claus

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Some may say it was early for me to deck my dog out in her Santa Claus outfit… but I couldn’t help myself.

“I’m not gay no more, I don’t like mens no more” (hysterical video)

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A young gay man is “cured” by a televangelist. Hilarity ensues. (Real video.)

Ellen auditions a new (hot) gardener (video)

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“You know if there’s one thing that I love more than men in tuxedo thongs, it’s… everything.”

I give you: Jeb the needy sheep

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He’s the Carl DeMaio of sheep. Give him a young guy in some tight sweats and he’s all hooves.

In one tweet, Anderson Cooper destroys woman angered that he came out

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“The world wasn’t interested in hearing about your sexual preference and it didn’t stop you from sharing it.”

“OMG we’re being attacked by mimes!”

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For Halloween, Ellen Degeneres sends her staff to a haunted house.

Vincent Price on the Muppet Show Halloween special (video)

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In honor of the spolls showing the Dems handily losing the US Senate to the Republicans, here’s a real horror.

A GOP Congress? Let’s not do the Time Warp again (video)

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A fun get-out-the-vote message courtesy of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, JibJab, and me.

US map showing bed time by county (actually kind of cool)

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Jawbone has done a series of really interesting studies looking at sleep in various cities and countries.
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