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Please donate to my campaign to stop Donald Trump

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I am asking you to support me over the next 3 months in a campaign to defeat Trump and win back the Congress.
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Leaked Trump campaign video details how Trump plans to “take Washington”

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A newly-leaked video from the Trump campaign details how they plan to ‘take Washington’ in November.

Trump and Putin as the Golden Girls (must-see)

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A short funny video of Donald Trump and his bff Vladimir Putin as the Golden Girls.

The funniest (worst) Trump video you’ll ever see

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“Vote for the Donald, Trump is the man. Let’s put our nation, into his hands.” — It’s THAT bad.

Video: Why they love being LGBT

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People at NYC Pride were asked what it’s like being LGBT. These are their answers. (It’s sweet.)

Weird Japanese Trump anime video, or something

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It’s difficult to tell if the video is pro- or anti- Trump, but I’m guessing the world blowing up is a clue.
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Stephen Colbert destroys Donald Trump (video)

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Colbert responds to Donald Trump’s claim that Obama is a secret Muslim terrorist.
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Twitter: Threatening to burn “k*kes” in ovens is not “hateful conduct”

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The NYT’s Jonathan Weisman, is abandoning Twitter after the service refused to enforce its TOS against neo-nazis.
Pete Sessions and The Alliance of Magicians. Thanks to James N. for the photo.

This House Resolution in support of magic is WAY too real

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A group of anti-science Republicans are trying to pass a resolution literally promoting magic. Seriously.
House of Cards flag, via Wikimedia Commons

A spoiler-free review of House of Cards Season 4: Episodes 1-3

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Wishful, wistful themes and missed opportunities to accurately dramatize contemporary American politics.
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