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Donald Trump apology

Trump’s video non-apology shows Trump thinks he’s the victim

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Trump’s new “apology” video, for admitting he sexually assaults women, shows that he thinks he’s the real victim.
Trump Billy Bush

Trump recorded having lewd conversation about women in 2005

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Trump gave a rare apology today after a video surfaced showing him having a lewd conversation about women.
Lewis Black

Lewis Black on millennials who are unsure whether to vote

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Black notes that some millennials are voting for marijuana legalization but might not vote for president.
Mike Pence, via Creative Commons

Mike Pence is a raging homophobe

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Former GOP Sen. and Gov. George Allen says Mike Pence should mentions gays at the VP debate. Fat chance.
randy rainbow on trump

Brilliant, hilarious parody of Trump and the 1st presidential debate

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A wonderful parody of Trump and the first presidential debate: “Super carless, fragile ego, extra braggadocious.”

CBS’ Bob Schieffer grills Trump surrogate like a journalist should

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A Trump surrogate claimed falsely that Americans don’t care about Trump’s tax returns, so Bob Schieffer jumped in.
Andrew Breitbart, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Trump campaign CEO’s Web site attacks Wash Post reporter for being Jewish

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The Web site of Trump’s campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, criticized a reporter Anne Applebaum because she’s Jewish.

Trumpers say he won debate because of fake online polls. Sad!

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Trump supporters are claiming he won last night’s debate because of how he did in a series of fake online polls.
Hillary Trump first presidential debate

If you missed the presidential debate, here are the highlights

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If you missed the presidential debate last night between Trump and Clinton, here are the juicy highlights.
lester holt

Does Lester Holt have a Judge Curiel problem?

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Trump keeps saying the moderator of tonight’s first debate, Lester Holt, is biased. Is it because Holt is black?
Republican primary, via Creative Commons

The controversy over fact-checking the presidential debate

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There’s been a growing controversy over whether the presidential debate moderators should fact-check the debate.
Hillary clinton Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis interviews Hillary Clinton

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview with comedian Zach Galifianakis.

Donald Trump Jr. still hasn’t removed anti-semitic, white supremacist meme from Instagram

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24 hours after Donald Trump Jr. was told he published a white supremacist meme, he still hasn’t deleted it.
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