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Is $35 billion enough for David Koch? He'd tell you no.

The Koch brothers don’t just have their own political party, they have their own spy network

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There is no liberal analog to the Kochs. Not even close.
Thomas Jefferson, via Wikimedia Commons

Conservative plans for holy war are (obviously) un-American

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Religious pluralism in US foreign policy predates the Constitution.
Mark Obenshain.

Virginia election officials don’t know how Virginia’s photo ID law works, causing confusion at the polls

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When the governor is illegally questioned over his address at his polling place, you’ve got problems.
kasich horse

John Kasich will solve ISIS with a federal program of mass-converting heathens abroad

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Unconstitutional, superfluous, wasteful, insulting, wrongheaded, fanatical…
Ben Carson, screenshot via YouTube

Ben Carson foreign policy adviser says Carson doesn’t know anything about foreign policy

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No one was really suggesting otherwise, but coming from his own campaign? Wow.
Voting booth via Shutterstock

Voter fraud case triaged by local prosecutor because it doesn’t matter

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They quite literally have more important things to do.
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump has a registered voter gap

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At least one poll shows his (comfortable) lead evaporating when only registered voters are included in the survey.
Ted Cruz, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

The definition of Islamophobia

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We have a word for a persistent, irrational fear that carries a strong avoidance desire. It’s called a phobia.
Paul Ryan, via Mel Brown /

Conservatives blame Paul Ryan for not blocking Syrian refugees, because that’s how this works now

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The House Freedom Caucus seems willing to shut down the government over their Islamophobia.
Donald Trump, screenshot via 60 Minutes

“Should Muslims have religious freedom?” is now a serious question in the Republican primary

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Closing mosques in response to terrorism is exactly what far-right clerics want.
Hillary Clinton with Tim Geithner, via

Hillary Clinton’s bizarre answer about her ties to Wall Street

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Wall Street gives Hillary Clinton money for a lot of reasons. 9/11 is near the bottom of the list.
Ted Cruz, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

“Should refugees have religious freedom?” is now a serious question in the Republican primary

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Bush, Cruz and Rubio all want religious tests for refugees, Establishment Clause be damned.
Register, via Shutterstock

Every argument against automatic voter registration, debunked

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There simply isn’t a good case to be made against the policy.
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