Tom Wellington
Tom Wellington is a longtime Democratic campaign operative based in Washington, DC.

How Loretta Lynch could save the country, the Obama administration, and the Democratic Party

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But probably won’t.

Trump actually could have been a contender

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Before lapsing into a self defeating orgy of birtherism and buffoonery, Donald Trump was actually enunciating some positions that could have resonated with Republicans, and then with ...

Paul Ryan’s budget isn’t class warfare, it’s class genocide

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The thirty year long subterranean class warfare of the rich and super-rich against the middle class is entering its final phase – Class Genocide. Until now, the top ...

Being played in the Great Game of Aghanistan

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There is a saying among professional gamblers that if you sit down to the table and you don’t know who the sucker is, it’s you.  Every major power has a real, vital ...

Correlation is not causation, or why a primary challenge of Obama in 2012 might just work

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(NOTE FROM JOHN: Tom Wellington (a pseudonym) is a longtime Democratic campaign operative, and is our newest blogger at AMERICAblog. This is a follow-on to his earlier post titled “The ...

The one who primaries Obama will be the next Democratic president

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During the Seventies, we had two ineffectual presidents unable to deal with the economic and other hard times that confronted them. Both were primaried and both went on to lose the ...
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