Skye Winspur Skye Winspur
Skye Winspur is a 33 year old Wisconsinite who spends his days working with his hands and volunteering for causes he believe in. He writes on civil rights issues; gay history and culture; political campaigns of all kinds; Christian theology; and movies.

House of Cards flag, via Wikimedia Commons

A spoiler-free review of House of Cards Season 4: Episodes 1-3

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Wishful, wistful themes and missed opportunities to accurately dramatize contemporary American politics.
Ranch, via Wikimedia Commons

American natural resources are not white

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Our understanding of the use of common land, water and property are highly racialized.
The statue of Hans Christian Heg, via Wisconsin State Capitol / Flickr

Symbols in American progressivism

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Symbols matter. Protest matters. Progressives should embrace both.
Gambling, via Wikimedia Commons

Gambling is not a viable or desirable method of job creation

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We can think bigger and do better.
Congress via Shutterstock

The USA Freedom Act, DADT and legislative process in the 21st Century

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The 21st Century, along with public opinion, is moving faster than our current legislative bodies can handle.
Scott Walker, via

Scott Walker and the return of the physiocrats

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Scott Walker’s policy agenda is based on junk philosophy from the 18th Century.
Congressman Mark Pocan, via Creative Commons

Representative Mark Pocan: A diamond in the congressional rough

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Not all members of Congress are awful.
Frederick II accepting the allegiance of Silesia, via Creative Commons

Hillary Clinton and the echoes of history

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Hillary Clinton profile makes for some strange historical bedfellows.
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