Dr. Mark Thoma, MD
Mark Thoma, MD, is a physician who did his residency in internal medicine. Mark has a long history of social activism, and was an early technogeek, and science junkie, after evolving through his nerd phase. Favorite quote: “The most exciting phrase to hear in science... is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'That's funny.'” - Isaac Asimov

Tourist photographer travels on a pirogue on the jungle of the central Africa. In 30 september, Congo Brazzaville, Africa. Tourist photographer travels on a pirogue on the jungle of the central Africa. In 30 september, Congo Brazzaville, Africa.

The latest on the African Ebola outbreak

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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has declared an Ebola outbreak. The government says that as many as 13 patients may have died from the disease, including a doctor and a few nurses. ...

How health insurance companies still cheat customers under Obamacare

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Those crafty insurance companies have come up with new ways to get rid of undesirable customers.

Could statins help treat Ebola?

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In other Ebola news, American patient Brantly may be discharged soon.

Liberian Ebola clinic attacked by mob, 29 patients have fled

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About 29 patients who may be infected with Ebola are unaccounted for and have presumably fled.
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Medical roundup: Aspirin and cancer prevention; Diabetes on the rise

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Aspirin may help prevent some types of cancer, diabetes is on the rise, and how to prevent colon cancer.
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The difficulty of treating, and containing, Ebola locally

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Here’s why patients can’t be treated in Africa, versus transporting them to other countries.
A sign warns visitors that area is a Ebola infected. Signage informing visitors that it is a ebola infected area. September 27, 2013, Congo, Africa. Sergey Uryadnikov / Shutterstock.com

Ebola Update: Situation worsens in Africa, untested drug out of stock

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ZMapp, a monoclonal antibody drug, is currently untested in humans. It’s also out of stock for months to come.
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Ebola Update: The hysteria grows

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One major problem in both Africa and the US is the growing hysteria about Ebola.
A woman stands in front of her roadside stall where she sells grains in Monrovia, Liberia. MickyWiswedel / Shutterstock.com

Ebola Update: WHO raises alert level, as travel restrictions begin

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Guinea closes its borders with Sierra Leone and Liberia, while WHO declares a “public health emergency.”

Ebola update: CDC moves to rarely-used highest level of alert

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In the 3 nations most severely affected (Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone) there is continuing social upheaval.
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