Dr. Mark Thoma, MD
Mark Thoma, MD, is a physician who did his residency in internal medicine. Mark has a long history of social activism, and was an early technogeek, and science junkie, after evolving through his nerd phase. Favorite quote: “The most exciting phrase to hear in science... is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'That's funny.'” - Isaac Asimov


Brain cells associated with smell are helping paraplegics walk

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Darek Fidyka may appreciate his nose more than many other people.  Not because of how it makes him look, or how it allows him to smell the fragrance of flowers, but because it’s ...
A sign warns visitors that area is a Ebola infected. Signage informing visitors that it is a ebola infected area. September 27, 2013, Congo, Africa. Sergey Uryadnikov / Shutterstock.com

How contagious is Ebola really?

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Now that the US has its first Ebola case, let’s look at how contagious Ebola really is.
HIV/AIDS ribbon via Shutterstock

CDC: 1/3 of gay, bisexual men with HIV don’t even know it

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The CDC report also found that half of gay and bisexual men with HIV in the US go untreated.

The latest Ebola treatments, from plasma to ZMapp

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Vaccine trials have begun in the US for one vaccine, while doctors are also using plasma from a recent patient.
The Ebola virus, courtesy of Shutterstock

Should doctors “have” to treat Ebola patients?

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Should doctors be forced to treat Ebola patients? Or should they have the right to refuse?

The GOP’s Ebola death panels

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The Republican party just gutted President Obama’s request to study experimental Ebola treatments.
Heart via Shutterstock

Miniaturization in medicine-arrhythmia detection

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Implantable and wireless, a new miniature device can measure heart rhythm, and communicate with a doctor’s office.
Sick child via Shutterstock.

Severe viral illness infecting children, spreading through several states

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Outbreaks have been reported in MO, KS, IL, KY, IA, CO, OH, OK, NC, and GA.
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A new non-narcotic, non-inflammatory method to treat pain

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A lot of people go to their doctors because of chronic pain. A new discovery may help.
Flu shot via Shutterstock

Time to get your flu shot

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It’s nearing time to get your flu shot. And don’t forget, it takes a few weeks for the vaccine to take effect.
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