Josh Yazman
Josh is a data analyst with expertise in grassroots engagement for national and local politics and a particular interest in the behavioral psychology of voting and civic engagement. He spent five years working in northern and southwest Virginia for for candidates from Blacksburg Town Council to President of the United States. In 2013 he ran a campaign that registered over 3,000 Virginia Tech students to vote for state and local candidates and tested innovative messaging and communications tactics to persuade them to make their voices heard on election day.

Everything wrong with Ted Cruz’s voter shaming mailer

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For a campaign that claims to be big into political science research, they really did bungle this one.

Why I wish Joe Biden had run for president

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Irrespective of his politics, Joe Biden has earned our respect.

Automatic voter registration in Oregon isn’t enough

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Registration is great, but we should really be focused on increasing actual participation.
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