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Factchecker: 3 Pinocchios for Sanders over Clinton oil & gas donations

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“The Sanders campaign is exaggerating the contributions that Clinton has received from the oil and gas industry.”

Video shows white San Fran student accosted because dreadlocks “appropriate” Egyptian culture

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“Sorry, we don’t want people with your hair here.”

Lead Sanders supporter might vote for Trump to bring “Leninist” revolution

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Top Sanders supporter, actress Susan Sarandon, says if Sanders doesn’t get nomination she might vote for Trump.
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How much will Sanders raise your taxes? A lot.

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Sanders say you’ll actually save by not having to pay for health insurance. I ran the math, and it depends.

Trump tweets criticism of Cruz’s wife’s looks

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In a tweet tonight, Donald Trump suggested that his wife was prettier than Cruz’s, but it was really far worse.
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Donald Trump, sexism’s enabler-in-chief

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Trump accuses Hillary of “enabling” Bill’s affairs. But when it comes to sexism, Trump is the enabler-in-chief.
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Trump lies 77% of the time

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tell the truth 5x more often than Donald Trump, and 2x more than Ted Cruz.

Fox blasts “sexist” Trump after he goes all stalker on Megyn Kelly

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Considering Fox News’ awful record on women, how long will the network’s sudden embrace of feminism last?

Top Sanders supporter falls for Fox ploy to divide Bernie and Hillary

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Prominent Sanders campaigner Shaun King used Facebook to promote a Fox News conspiracy theory about the election.
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Sanders to target Hillary’s superdelegates if he can’t win popular vote

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Bernie Sanders told Rachel Maddow he may try to overrule the popular vote if he can’t win at the ballot box.
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Merrick Garland is a smart choice for Supreme Court

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The Garland choice will expose GOP as angry partisans working on behalf of an angry presidential candidate.
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Sanders’ criticism of Obama (and Clinton) will haunt him

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Sanders’ pollster told the New Yorker that Obama is an economic elitist, who hangs out with too many white people.
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The left’s troubling embrace of GOP anti-Clinton talking points

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The notion that Bill Clinton’s presidency was “odious” is odious. On gay rights and HIV, Bill Clinton was a god.
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