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Hamilton the musical

Art & history know no ‘safe space,’ and Hamilton owes Mike Pence no apology

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The cast of Hamilton owe Mike Pence no apology for simply expressing our people’s desire to breathe free.

Kanye West, Trump supporter (Kanye likes Ben Carson too)

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Kanye West said on Thursday that he didn’t vote this election, but if he had, he’d have voted for Trump.
Megyn Kelly internment

Trump supporter cites Japanese internment to justify Muslim registry

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Trump supporter invokes Japanese internment as a precedent to justify Trump’s plan to register Muslim immigrants.
Megyn Kelly

Trump campaign was warned Megyn Kelly was facing death threats, “didn’t much care”

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Trump campaign was told Megyn Kelly was getting death threats, asked to tone down attacks on her — didn’t care.
Nikki Haley, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Trump found someone even less qualified than Giuliani for Sec of State: Nikki Haley

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Trump may have selected someone even less qualified than Rudy Giuliani to be Secretary of State: Nikki Haley.
NJ Gov. Chris Christie. L.E.MORMILE /

Trump purging everything “Chris Christie” from a transition in “turmoil”

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Trump’s son-in-law may be behind a new purge of Chris Christie and all of his allies from the Trump campaign.
Vote via Shutterstock

LGBT voters came out strong for Hillary, dumped Trump in historic numbers

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Some are claiming LGBT voters sold out Hillary. The opposite is true — we supported her, and dumped Trump.
Beverly Hillbillies

Ivanka Trump uses “60 Minutes” interview to hawk her jewelry

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Ivanka Trump is using a “60 Minutes” appearance to hawk her jewelry. Yes the Beverly Hillbillies are coming to DC.
steven bannon

Sign the petition: Tell Trump to fire Alt Right publisher Steve Bannon

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Trump hired Alt Right publisher Steve Bannon to be his top strategist at the White House. Trump must fire Bannon.
gay justice statue of liberty shutterstock

In Loving Memory: The United States of America (1776 – 2016)

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The United States of America – military commander, statesman, explorer – is dead at 238. This is her obituary.
Photo credit: Michael Vadon

WSJ: Trump didn’t realize presidency was big job

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The WSJ reports that when meeting Obama, Trump “seemed surprised by the scope” of the job of being president.
Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid says Disney/ABC should pull error-riddled 9/11 show

You really need to read Harry Reid’s blistering statement on Trump’s election

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“Donald Trump [is] a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate.”
steven bannon

Trump hires homophobic, anti-Semitic, sexist, racist to be White House chief strategist

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Trump has chosen Alt Right leader Steve Bannon to be his new chief strategist at the White House.
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