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GOP Intel Chair Nunes: Obama didn’t wiretap Trump

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Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes just told reporters that if Donald Trump suggested that President Obama wiretapped him, then Trump is “wrong.” ...
Jeff Sessions

Sessions: I gave Trump no reason to believe he was wiretapped

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Trump’s attorney general Jeff Sessions just said that he never gave Donald Trump any reason to believe that Trump was wiretapped by President Obama. To be precise, Sessions uncomfortably ...

America’s favorite racist GOP uncle does it again

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Republican member of Congress Steve King, who fretted a few days ago that immigrants would destroy our “civilization” with their babies, has now ignited a new controversy. ...

Fox News thinks democracy and truth are anti-Trump. And I suppose they are.

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Fox News is apoplectic this morning over the fact that American newspapers have adopted words like “democracy” and “truth” as part of their new slogans. You ...

Bombshell: White House finds 26m will lose coverage under TrumpCare

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Politico has gotten its hands on a copy of an internal White House study of the Republican “Repeal and Replace” health care plan. According to the White House analysis, ...

CBO: 24m lose insurance under GOP Obamacare repeal plan

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UPDATE: The White House’s own internal assessment of TrumpCare has leaked, and it’s even worse than the CBO’s. The White House just found that TrumpCare will cost ...
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson on SNL takes down Ivanka Trump

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Scarlett Johansson on Saturday Night Live does a commercial for Ivanka Trump’s new fragrance. And totally nails it

GOP Rep. Steve King: Millions could lose health insurance under TrumpCare, and that’s ok

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GOP Cong. Steve King says millions could lose health insurance under TrumpCare, and that’s okay.

Spicer wears upside down US flag at White House press briefing

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Sporting the universe symbol of distress, White House press secretary Sean Spicer today wore an upside-down American flag on his big suit. Yeah, it’s silly. But considering just ...

Trump’s taxes are key to everything

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Trump’s tax returns are key to understanding the Russia controversy, emolument, everything.

Alec Baldwin, don’t quit SNL. Add your name.

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Alec Baldwin says he may stop impersonating Donald Trump. Sign the petition, tell him he must continue.

Newsmax/WSJ: Trump met Russian Amb. Kislyak last April

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Newsmax & WSJ report that contrary to repeated denials, Trump met the Russian ambassador last April 2016.

What is going on with Mr. Khan?

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There’s an allegation going around that Khan was blocked from visiting Canada, possibly by the US.
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