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Harvard University at night, via Shutterstock.

Why Harvard must divest from carbon companies: A student’s open letter

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We can start fixing climate change by forcing universities to divest from carbon — fossil fuel — companies.
Thelma & Louise, taking a dive for the Kochs.

The price of staying on carbon: Increasing oil spills, then a long ride down

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You have two climate choices: rationing, or a “Thelma and Louise” plunge that hands your future to the Kochs.
Evil enough for you? Or is the jury still out?

Apple & Google started wage-fixing cartel involving dozens of companies, over 1m employees

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Apple & Google have been illegally suppressing Silicon Valley wages for years. Still think they’re your friends?
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Video: How one Australian coal company squares its values with its action

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How one coal company straddles the dichotomy between what we know is true, and how it can benefit by ignoring it.
Electricity via Shutterstock

Is wireless power transmission on the horizon?

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“Consumer electronics that never need to be plugged in again – phones, tablets, laptops, televisions.”
How people think income is distributed vs. how it's really distributed

Five reasons to consider a Basic Guaranteed Income for all Americans

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They offer a Guaranteed Basic Income in Alaska. Why not in the lower 48 states?
Hillary texting for climate advice. Can we have a text too please?

The Deafening Silence of Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has yet to declare herself publicly on a variety of issues, yet she speaks to Goldman Sachs. Why?
Evolution of the Gulf Stream to the west of Ireland continuing as the 
North Atlantic Current

How climate change could cause an Ice Age in Europe

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Global warming, and resultant glacial melting, could disrupt the Gulf Stream and cause a new Ice Age in Europe.
Girl pulling a coal tub in mine. From official report of the parliamentary commission in the mid 19th century.

We could solve unemployment immediately if we wanted to. Read 2 “sensible” proposals.

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We could have zero unemployment today, except for one thing — the need to punish the poor.

Report on CIA black sites & torture may provoke constitutional crisis

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Will Congress force the CIA to obey the law, at least when it comes to Congress? Feinstein forces the issue.
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