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Christian Trejbal is a member of the board of directors of the Association of Opinion Journalists, writes for Opinion in a Pinch and is an open government chairman for the Association of Opinion Journalists. Overcoming graduate degrees in philosophy, he worked as an editorial writer at The (Bend) Bulletin and The Roanoke Times for more than a decade. In 2013, he and his wife moved to Portland, Ore., where he writes freelance and provides public policy analysis. Follow him on Twitter @ctrejbal.


The Earth is toast, per new UN report on climate change

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A new United Nations report finds that climate change already is affecting the world, and it will only get worse.
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Will the Supreme Court allow the Secret Service to silence dissent?

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The Secret Service insulated President Bush from liberal protesters, but not conservatives.
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The NRA is about to veto Obama’s Surgeon General nominee

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Dr. Vivek Murthy supports the medical consensus that guns are dangerous and should be regulated.
Terry McAuliffe, photo by Kate Wellington.

Do Virginia students really need Terry McAuliffe deciding what to call the “Sea of Japan”?

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Pandering for votes trumps a sound education from the right and the left.
Louis Brandeis, via Brandeis University.

A century of sunlight and transparency, courtesy of Louis Brandeis

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Brandeis was concerned about a worrisome concentration of wealth and power in the hands of banks and industries.

Hillary Clinton’s problem isn’t her age, it’s her dynasty

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HW Bush, B Clinton, W Bush, Obama, H Clinton, J Bush… when is enough enough?
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The death of 19 firefighters should spur us to action on climate change

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Heat, drought and unpredictable wind surges fuel devastating wild fires, and all are symptoms of climate change.

“Superman” is not Jesus

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Hollywood is aggressively marketing the new Superman film “Man of Steel” as a Jesus allegory. Don’t believe it.
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