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Can't Vote, via Daniel Lobo / Flickr

Studies: Voter ID laws skew turnout in favor of white Republicans, racial resentment predicts support for them

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There is now data confirming what progressives have been saying about these laws all along.
LGBT Israel, via Wikimedia Commons

Ex-gay conversion therapists flee US, find home in Israel

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What counts as fraud and abuse in some US states is perfectly legal in Israel.
President Obama speaking at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, screenshot via

Trump wins competition for who can say the worst thing about Obama’s mosque visit, but it’s close

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Rubio dog whistled; Trump air-horned.
John Kasich, via Michael Vadon / Flickr

John Kasich isn’t a moderate: Reproductive rights

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John Kasich has engaged in a systematic campaign against abortion access since taking office.
Rick Santorum fixing gun violence, via Wikimedia Commons

Santorum will exit tonight

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The Election Assistance Commission, via Wikimedia Commons

Democratic Election Assistance commissioner pushes back on state proof-of-citizenship requirements

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The EAC’s executive director acted unilaterally when they may not have had authority to do so.
Bernie Sanders, via AFGE / Flickr

Poll: Most voters are ready for a political revolution to redistribute wealth

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Bernie Sanders may be on to something.
Donald Trump, via iprimages / Flickr

Donald Trump doesn’t think Cruz treated him fairly in Iowa, wants a do-over

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He’s claiming that Cruz stole Iowa through fraud and is demanding that Monday’s results be voided.
John Kasich, via Marc Nozell / Flickr

John Kasich isn’t a moderate: Racial justice

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He told Nina Turner that “I don’t need your people” right from the get-go, and it’s been downhill from there.
A message from North Carolina's government, via Shutterstock

Florida moving toward accepting concealed-carry permits as voter ID

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1.4 million Floridians have concealed-carry permits. 1.5 million are disenfranchised due to felony convictions.
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