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Donald Trump, screenshot via 60 Minutes

Democrats are more literate than Republicans when they comment online

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Guess whose supporters came in last?
Apocalypse, via Pixabay

When is the apocalypse happening? Tomorrow? Well, dang.

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According to a revised prediction, the end of the world is happening…soon.
Lindsey Graham, screenshot via YouTube

Lindsey Graham says he can’t remember why he voted against Hurricane Sandy relief

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Unfortunately for him, the rest of us do.
Bernie Sanders in 1991, via Wikimedia Commons

Is Bernie Sanders exaggerating his gay rights record?

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Bernie Sanders says he hasn’t evolved on gay rights because he was always there. Is that true?
Augustus Sol Invictus, screenshot via YouTube

Augustus Sol Invictus should be disqualified from holding public office, but not because he sacrificed a goat

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His political views, not his religious views, are what’s incompatible with the Constitution.
Hillary Clinton in Cleveland, screenshot via YouTube

Hillary Clinton is coming for your guns(how loophole and manufacturer immunity)

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Hillary Clinton said something about guns. Cue the right wing freakout.
America, circa 2016, except Blount County, Tennessee, via Wikimedia Commons

Blount County, Tennessee to vote on whether to ask God to spare them from coming anti-gay wrath

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Every time the government endorses religion, an angel rips of a fish’s legs.
Gay marriage via Shutterstock

Alabama judges are invoking Jim Crow laws to avoid issuing marriage licenses

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They do know how this story ends, right?
Matt Staver, screenshot via Right Wing Watch / YouTube

The Associated Press calls out Liberty Counsel for being a lying hate group

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When the Associated Press is calling you out for being a lying hate group, you’re a lying hate group.
Ted Cruz at a treason rally, via Creative Commons

It’s time to amend the Second Amendment

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If gun evangelists insist on misinterpreting the Second Amendment, let’s make it clearer.
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