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Me, four years and many hot takes ago.

On leaving the blogosphere for academia

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Today is my last day running AMERICAblog. Here’s why I’m ready to move on.
Prime Minister Cameron took particular offensive at Sec. Clinton's use of the term "pants suit."

Clinton’s presidency was historic for LGBT rights

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Say what you will about Bill and Hillary, but their commitment to gay, trans and AIDS issues is unparalleled.
a katz /

AIDS activists blast Sanders, say he “used and abused” them by lying about meeting

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“Feeling used and abused by the Sanders campaign right now” — says veteran AIDS activist Peter Staley.
Is that really the face of our next president?

What’s up with Trump’s weird repetitive stutter?

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Trump has the tendency to repeat himself, immediately after saying something. It’s oddly disturbing.
Scott Walker, via

Wisconsin county clerk says that weekend voting gives “too much access” to ballot

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These folks aren’t very good at masking their contempt for voters.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, via

Debbie Wasserman Schultz could be out as DNC chair before the convention

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For many Sanders supporters, DWS is the personification of a rigged primary system.
Chair is raised at the Democratic state convention in Nevada.

Video shows Sanders-supporting chair thrower at Nevada Dem convention

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There’s now video of a chair being raised in the air, about to be thrown, at the NV Dem convention.
Terry McAuliffe, photo by Kate Wellington.

What’s up with this maybe-scandal in Virginia?

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Did Terry McAuliffe solicit campaign contributions from a foreign donor? Maybe not, but what a story!

Who at Secret Service came up with Team Trump’s gay-Holocaust pin?

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The Secret Service has the Trump campaign wearing an upside-down triangle that harkens to the Holocaust.
Donald Trump raising his tiny hand, via Wikimedia Commons

Evangelical leader’s fundraising pitch for Trump: He points to the sky for Jesus

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Donald Trump hearts Jesus because he points to the sky when he talks, according to Evangelical grifters.
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