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Is Trump planning to buy Fox News?

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Trump’s campaign social media guy tweeted a veiled threat at Fox host Megyn Kelly. Could Trump try to buy Fox?
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Fox’s Megyn Kelly crushes Gingrich over Trump sexual assault claims

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Fox’s Megyn Kelly deliciously takes down Newt Gingrich over Trump’s sexual assault allegations.

Hire me!

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Let me take a moment to talk about the kind of consulting I do, in case anyone might be interested in my services.

Hillary Clinton’s real record on LGBT rights

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Some Trump supporters and millennials claim Hillary is bad on LGBT rights. They’re wrong. Here’s why.
Trump flip-flops on “the wall” with Mexico: American taxpayers will now pay for it In a speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today, Donald Trump announced a blockbuster flip-flop in his signature policy of building a wall between the US and Mexico. Up until today, Trump had always said that Mexico would pay for the wall. Yet today, Trump revealed that American taxpayers are now paying for the multi-billion-dollar wall, and that, allegedly, Mexico will “reimburse” us for the cost. And no explanation from Trump as to why Mexico would do any such thing.

Russia scoops Wikileaks on new Podesta emails – things that make you go hmm

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Russian state propaganda organ scoops Wikileaks on new Clinton email dump. Are they too close for comfort?

Trump flip-flops on “the wall” with Mexico: American taxpayers will now pay for it

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Trump announced today that Americans are now paying for the multi-billion-dollar wall with Mexico.
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Trump doubles down: Will only accept election results “if he wins”

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Donald Trump just reiterated that he will not concede the election if he loses.
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Hillary destroyed Donald Trump

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We have a winner. Hillary Clinton absolutely, deliciously and definitively destroyed Donald Trump in tonight’s presidential debate. The debate started slow. Throughout the first ...
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Election 2016 update, the latest as we prepare to watch tonight’s debate

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I talk about about the latest polls, Trump’s & Hillary’s debate strategies, and Trump’s goal through Nov. 8.
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Stephen Colbert “interviews” Melania Trump (video)

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Actress Laura Benanti plays a wonderful Melania Trump being interviewed by Stephen Colbert about Donald’s affairs.
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