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Don't Shoot, via Mike Licht / Flickr

Indictment of Cincinnati campus police officer in Samuel Dubose shooting shows promise of broader reform

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When the system isn’t bending over backwards to let cops off the hook, justice can be served.
Censorship, via Wikimedia Commons

You are problematic

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A new language guide from the University of New Hampshire marks the latest skirmish in the PC Wars.
Ten Commandments, via Wikimedia Commons

Oklahoma Supreme Court refuses to re-hear Ten Commandments case, monument must be removed

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Displaying the Ten Commandments on public grounds in Oklahoma is unconstitutional. Again.
Scott Walker, via Gil C /

Scott Walker’s foreign policy confidant is bad news

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The “face of Walker’s foreign policy” has some dangerous ideas about how to secure peace in the Middle East.

The Emperor of St. Louis has a few stories to tell

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In a newly-released memoir, AMERICAblog contributor Chris Andoe recounts tales of debauchery and intrigue.
Hillary Clinton, via Roger H. Goun / Flickr

Clinton not ready to answer Hard Questions™ on Keystone Pipeline

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Clinton’s refusal to answer her own hard questions continues to frustrate the progressive base.
Shooting range, via Wikimedia Commons

Arkansas gun range bans Muslims, claims “private club” exemption

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You don’t get to simply declare yourself a private club in order to justify discrimination.
Donald Trump

“Is it possible to rape your wife?” just became a serious question in the Republican primary

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Donald Trump has dragged the Republican Party into another debate about what counts as “legitimate” rape.
Exports, via

Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank

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The Export-Import Bank has problems, but it’s worth reforming and reauthorizing.
Boy Scouts, via IgorGolovniov /

Boy Scouts vote to allow openly gay leaders, Mormon Church considering exit

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The long-anticipated move has the Latter-Day Saints up in arms.
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