Comey broke a rule, Trump broke the law

In today’s UnPresidented Podcast, below, Cliff and I focus most of our discussion on the Dept. of Justice Inspector General report about James Comey having broken FBI rules, but not the law, when he informed the country that Donald Trump was a traitorous felon.

We also talk about General Mattis pulling a Mueller and not just coming out clean with his criticism of Donald Trump — everything from these guys has to be in Yoda-like code, rather than calling Trump and the Republicans out directly.

And finally, we discuss an ongoing staff purge in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office, and why we think it shows she knows what she’s doing.

This is a short excerpt of the hour and 12 minute long episode. To hear the entire show, and help keep UnPresidented ad-free, please become a subscriber over at Patreon.

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