Molly Jong-Fast reports in from CPAC, the year’s top conservative conference, and hilarity ensues

Journalist and author Molly Jong-Fast is back to talk about her recent visit to the top Republican conference of the year, CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). But Molly being Molly, she couldn’t just cover the far-right Trumpist gathering, she did it while working for the new anti-Trump conservative Web site, The Bulwark, created by Charlie Sykes and Bill Kristol, ticking off a lot of Trumpists along the way.

Molly says this year’s CPAC conference was “the Jeb Bush of CPACs”; there was zero energy compared to previous years. While at CPAC, Molly got to see Trump, Diamond & Silk, Jacob Wohl and all the crazies. In addition to regaling us with her CPAC stories, we also talk about impeachment, the 2020 election, my love of Velveeta and why Twitter hates Cliff. As always with Molly, it was a blast I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

This isn an 11-minute excerpt of the hour and 20 minute podcast. To hear the whole thing, and support our work, please become a patron over at Patreon.

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