Meet Brian Karem, the reporter who Trump yelled at to “Sit down! Sit down!”

You know today’s guest Brian Karem. He’s the reporter who Trump yelled at to “sit down! sit down!” during last week’s National Emergency announcement at the White House.

Brian is an outspoken fixture of the White House briefing room, and a regular thorn in Sarah Sanders’ side. He’s Playboy’s White House Correspondent, a CNN political analyst, and the host of his own podcast, “Just Ask the Question.” Brian has been fearlessly fighting for the truth from the Reagan Administration thru Trump, and he joins us today to talk about the state of media in the age of Trump.

Some of the highlights of our talk: Brian talks about the blowback he, Jim Acosta and April Ryan get from other reporters and from Trump himself; that first briefing with Sean Spicer yelling about the inaugural crowds; Ronald Reagan’s legacy (namely, “that @sshole Mitch McConnell”); the wisdom of impeachment; why people who don’t vote shouldn’t complain about elections; the lessons Helen Thomas taught him; how a reporter can still be objective yet think “most of what Trump has done is an abomination”; and why Trump’s attacks on the media really do matter.

It’s a really interesting interview — Brian is refreshingly frank, smart, and hilarious. I know you’ll enjoy this. Below is a 13-minute excerpt of the hour-15 interview. You can hear the entire interview here.

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