Bob Cesca on the dangers of Toxic Populism

Liberal Podcaster and pundit Bob Cesca joins us to talk about Toxic Populism, from Trump to the far-left, and how both threaten our politics and our future. It ended up being a really interesting discussion about how extremist politics isn’t really about winning, it’s about destruction — the far-right and far-left want to destroy the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively. And they don’t care how many people they hurt on the way.

Our talk included a long discussion of Trump & the impending government shutdown, and Bernie Sanders’ supporters continuing their non-stop assault on Beto O’Rourke (claiming, incredibly, that Beto is really a far-right corporate shill), in order to ensure that Beto doesn’t challenge Bernie for the 2020 nomination, even though Bernie has his own corrupt past to deal with (such as his horrific record on gun violence, and his blind spot to race and women’s issues). It was a fun and interesting discussion.

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