Kavanaugh’s attorney attacks Swetnick: Why wouldn’t a girl report sexual assault at a party? Here’s why.

Lindsey Graham today attacked Brett Kavanaugh’s newest accuser, Julie Swetnick, who claims Kavanaugh and his friends aided and abetted the serial gang-rape of young girls, including herself.

Graham questioned why Swetnick continued to attend the parties if what she is saying is true. And Brett Kavanaugh’s attorney, Beth Wilkinson, attacked Swetnick today, saying it’s “outrageous” that Swetnick didn’t come forward about the assault if it were true.

1. We already know that lots of sexual assault victims don’t report the crime. So the fact that a girl/woman (she was 1 to 3 years out of high school, Kavanaugh was still in high school), who has very little power, and even less than an adult would, didn’t report the assault isn’t surprising.

2. Swetnick had to keep going to school with many of the kids at the party. She’s going to report, say, a dozen boys for being in the chain-gain — and dozens of other friends for underage drinking — and then have to see them and/or their friends in school for years to come? She’d instantly become a pariah — there would be no more parties, and it would be her fault. Her life would become hell until she left the area.

3. Are you really going to tell your parents that you’ve been attending parties where you and your friends are illegally drinking, and a lot of them are having sex, and maybe you even had sex willingly with a boy at one of those parties?

4. But Graham asked, why did she continue to attend the parties? What else is she supposed to do, stay home? And how is she supposed to know which parties Kavanaugh and Judge are attending in the future, so she can avoid them?

I’m still blown away that Kavanaugh’s lawyer is now attacking the victim, suggesting that “real” victims come forward immediately. No they don’t. They usually don’t. The fact that Kavanaugh has now adopted the Trump strategy towards addressing sexual assault allegations, going scorched earth, is all the more reason he shouldn’t stop foot in another courtroom ever again.

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