New site tackles Jim Jordan Ohio State sexual abuse scandal is a new Web site I’ve set up as a one-stop shop for information about the Representative Jim Jordan Ohio State sexual abuse scandal.

This week, Jim Jordan hired a conservative crisis PR firm to attack the Ohio State victims, but unfortunately the firm is sloppy and didn’t buy the right Web addresses. The Jordan defense site is: StandWithJimJordan dot com. So I bought and — both point to my new site. (This is Internet advocacy 101.)

My new site summarizes the scandal in an easy-to-understand one-page FAQ that I highly recommend you start with, and provides regular news updates via the blog and a sidebar with the links to the latest stories on the scandal. The goal is to provide the media and the public a simply break down of the scandal so each can act accordingly.

Finally, we provide action steps, including:

– Chipping in to help us hold Jim Jordan accountable through the election this fall. Click here to donate.

– Sign a petition calling on Jordan to come clean and resign.

And make sure to share the page via social media as well. Thanks!

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