GOP Rep Jordan: Teen sex scandal is deep-state plot concocted by Rosenstein

Embattled GOP Representative Jim Jordan, who is accused by numerous former college wrestlers of ignoring their complaints of sexual abuse at the hands of the team doctor while Jordan was their coach at Ohio State, appeared today to suggest that the entire scandal is a false-flag deep-state conspiracy concocted by the Justice Department to derail his run at the House speakership.

Jordan, who is a founding member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, wants to replace Paul Ryan when the House speaker steps down this coming January. Those plans may now be in jeopardy because of a growing scandal at Ohio State, where a number of former college athletes claim they were sexually abused by the school’s sports medicine doctor, who worked alongside then assistant coach Jordan.

Several of the former students claim that Jordan was told of the abuse; while others say that it would have been impossible for Jordan not to know, as it was a poorly-kept secret that the doctor would routinely sexually assault the boys during their visits to his office, in addition to regularly showering alongside the boys for an hour at a time, even when he hadn’t worked out and thus didn’t need a shower. The doctor’s locker was right next to Jordan’s. Jordan denies the allegations that he knew anything of the doctor’s crimes.

Jordan is now claiming, incredibly, that the sexual abuse scandal is somehow tied to his run for the speakership and his grilling of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at a hearing last week. Jordan is a top Trump defender in the House, who has repeatedly claimed without evidence that there is a deep state conspiracy in the Department of Justice and FBI that tried to get Hillary Clinton elected. In fact, those agencies are notoriously conservative, and if anything, the FBI, in the person of James Comey, got Trump elected. (Also, we know that FBI agents leaked damaging information about Hillary Clinton to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani during the campaign as well.)

Nonetheless, Jordan, who can’t pass up a good fake conspiracy, is now claiming that the burgeoning Ohio State scandal is somehow a secret plot to hurt his run at the speakership and to retaliate for his over-the-top questioning of Rosenstein.

So much for MeToo.

Here’s the video from CNN of Jordan’s incredible claims:

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