GOP Rep. Jim Jordan ignored college-boy abuse, victims say

Jim Jordan, a conservative Republican in the US House who’s been talked about as a potential future House Speaker, is facing accusations that he looked the other way while as many as 2,000 college-aged boys were sexually abused by a sports doctor at Ohio State University over a 20-year period.

Sadly, many in the media, and the pundits, are ignoring the Jordan story. And you just know that Jordan wouldn’t be getting a free pass if he were a Democrat.

I am going to do everything I can to make sure this story sticks, and ensure that Jim Jordan goes down. Please help me do that by chipping in with a donation to support my work.


Jim Jordan is arguably the second-most powerful man in the US House, after Paul Ryan. Jordan is a cofounder of the Freedom Caucus, a gathering of the most extreme right-wing members of the House. And he’s been talked about as a possible replacement for House Speaker Paul Ryan, when Ryan steps down next January. So it was a bombshell when NBC News reported two days ago that multiple former college wrestlers — Jordan was Ohio State’s assistant wrestling coach for 8 years — are accusing Jordan of intentionally ignoring their complaints of sexual abuse by the doctor.

Jordan has issued a vehement denial, claiming to have known nothing of the doctor’s 20-year reign of terror at the school, and also denying that any students informed him of the problem. Several former students contacted by NBC News say Jordan is lying, and that they either told Jordan directly of the problem, or that it was simply impossible for Jordan not to know as it was a poorly-kept secret that the doctor routinely abused the boys.

And one former student says he contacted Jordan this spring, to let Jordan know he was finally going public about the abuse, and Jordan asked him “not to get him involved.” Jordan is now denying all of this.


But Jordan’s denials are getting more clumsy. Yesterday, Jordan was interviewed by CNN about the scandal, and the conservative congressman stutteringly told CNN that it was common for faculty at Ohio State to shower with the boys: “It’s what people did because of the accommodations at the gym,” Jordan told CNN, “that was just the nature of how the arrangement was.”

In whose possible universe is this normal? (Denny Hastert.) This raises the question of whether Jim Jordan himself showered with college boys at any time during his tenure at Ohio State. Keep in mind that some of these kids could have been minors. I started college at 17. Also, this doctor had a practice off-campus, who knows how many boys he abused while Jim Jordan allegedly looked the other way.


We already knew that Jim Jordan was an awful person. As reporter Jonathan Alter wrote yesterday, in response to one of my many tweets on the subject:

Maybe the most malign force in the Republican caucus—@jim_jordan —is exposed as a liar in a case where he apparently turned a blind eye to sex molestation (like the Penn State coaches who were prosecuted) He has always been a smear artist and should be pressed to resign pronto.

Keep in mind that Jim Jordan is one of Donald Trump’s biggest defenders in Congress, probably outdone only by House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes. Jordan is the congressman who famously, last week, made a fool of himself while attempting to excoriate Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during a House hearing.

Jordan routinely tries to undermine the Mueller investigation, and has claimed for months that notoriously-Republican FBI actually tried to throw the election to Hillary! (That last link is to an interview Jordan did on CNN last December — it’s bonkers.) When in fact, the FBI threw the election to Trump, and everybody knows it.


Jim Jordan is beyond bad news. But so far, he’s paid no price for what are horrific allegations. If Jim Jordan were a Democrat — Al Franken comes to mind — the media would be on this story 24/7, and Republicans would be demanding he step down. Instead, Jordan is a Republican, so the TV coverage was light, and now is pretty much over. Nearly 2,000 kids, some underage, may have been sexually abused and even raped, and the possible future Speaker of the House may have known about it and hid it, and this isn’t a story worth more than a blip?

Help me make this a story. Help me hold Jim Jordan accountable. Please chip in and support my work holding Jim Jordan accountable, with a generous donation, and I will do all I can to make sure the media’s double-standard on this scandal comes to an end, and even better, that Jim Jordan loses his re-election this fall.

PS Here’s another way of helping take down Jim Jordan, support his Democratic opponent in the fall, Janet Garrett with a donation to her campaign. This scandal could take Jordan down. Garrett has a real chance now.

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