Womp womp, Trump staffers complain of DC dating blacklist

While today’s episode is mostly an update on Trump’s horrific child-separation policy, and the fact that Trump immigration officials have lost the information that identifies who many of these kids belong to, I start the show with two stories about karma.

The first: Trump administration officials report that they can’t get dates in Washington, DC because everybody hates them.

Next, I talk about soybean farmers in the Midwest, who were solid Trump voters, and who know are seeing their life’s work being flushed down the toilet because of Trump’s growing trade war with Canada, Europe and Asia.

And finally, I conclude with a discussion of a new Associated Press poll that shows even Republicans want to see Trump impeached if he dares pardon himself. (Stephen Miller photo by Gage Skidmore.)

Here’s the excerpt on Trump staff dating woes:

And here’s the excerpt on the latest horrors of the child-separation policy, that these kids may never be reunited with their parents:

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