Former FBI agent Asha Rangappa says Trump could never get a security clearance

Cliff and I had a wonderful chat with former FBI Special Agent and counterintelligence expert Asha Rangappa (whom you might recognize from her frequent appearances on CNN) about all things Trump/Russia, and then some, on our latest UnPresidented podcast.

You can listen to a 14-minute clip of the interview for free below. After that, a bit more explanation as to what we talked about. With a premium subscription, you can access the entire interview, and all our archives, here.

Among the topics we delved into: just how much information Robert Mueller really has on Trump; Michael Cohen’s secret payments from American and foreign business, and that entity controlled by a Russian oligarch; Devin Nunes’ ongoing work on behalf of Vladimir Putin; the importance of the Steele Dossier; Jared Kushner’s ongoing failure to obtain a security clearance; just how much much of a security risk the entire Trump team poses; whether Trump himself could ever get a clearance (Asha says no way); Gina Haspel’s nomination to the CIA and how torture makes the FBI’s job harder; the leaks from the NYC FBI office during the election; what is was like being a woman at the FBI Academy; whether she has any political aspirations; and we even talked a bit about Quantico, the TV show.

We spoke for nearly an hour, and it was just great. Above is a 14-minute excerpt of our nearly hour-long interview. Premium patrons can listen to the entire show here:

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