Hey Donald, urine trouble

In today’s premium podcast episode, Cliff and I talk about the Comey book, and all of the accompanying scandals that fed into it this week, including the FBI raid on Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, reports that a Trump Tower doorman was paid hush money to squelch a rumor about Trump fathering a child out of wedlock, rumors of Rod Rosenstein’s imminent firing, and the pardoning of Bush-era criminal Scooter Libby.

But the big topic is the Comey book, which is already driving Trump crazy. The Trump governance crisis is at an all -time high. What happens next? That’s the topic of today’s pod. (And at the end we also talk about Paul Ryan’s announcement that he’s not running for re-election, and we discuss what it means for the 2018 elections.)

Listen to a free 12-minute sample below or via this link.

And here’s the entire 72-minute episode for premium subscribers ($5/month or greater):

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