The State of the Union is stormy

Trump’s first State of the Union was a bit of a dud. The real news today is the latest on the Nunes memo controversy (we think Nunes should be thrown in jail), and Trump’s increasing efforts to derail the Mueller investigation.

Cliff and I discuss all that at length in today’s special SOTU episode. (Trigger warning: John gets a little angry — almost as angry as Melania was last night at the SOTU.) You can listen to this podcast below, and subscribe to our premium episodes (and support my work) here.

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3 Responses to “The State of the Union is stormy”

  1. Manhattan says:


  2. MoonDragon says:

    Is she worried that Hope Hicks has poached her stylist?

  3. brel1 says:

    Just another media stunt by the Trumps. They just want to monopolize the news in any way they can. Scandal or horrible language, it’s still media attention. They are all disgusting trash. The media laps it up and they dish it out.

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