Trump’s speech suddenly slurs during major Jerusalem statement

During his statement today about his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Donald Trump’s speech suddenly slurred in the last minute of his address.

I’ve compiled a video comparing the first 30 seconds of Trump’s Jerusalem statement with the final 30 seconds or so. You’ll note that in the first few minutes, Trump is articulate and pronounces the letter “s” correction. At the end of the speech, Trump is slurring his words, can no longer pronounce the letter “s” — it comes across as “sh” — and then in closing the address, Trump even mispronounces the word “United States” as “United Shates.”

Some have wondered if Trump has dentures, others have noted that a sudden onset of slurred speech can be indicative of a stroke, or even a side effect of medication. (Trump’s sniffling and heavy breathing was back in this speech as well as well.) But Trump claims he’s perfectly healthy, and not on any medication other than statins. And he’s never admitted to wearing dentures.

Then what happened?

Below is my video comparing the beginning and the end of the Jerusalem statement, then a look at his signature today, compared to his signing of earlier executive orders:

Now have a look at Trump’s signature today, versus earlier signatures.

Here’s today’s — it’s somewhat sloppy and large:

Here’s a closer shot from C-Span — the signature is a mess:

Here’s an even better copy via the Washington Post. This copy looks less extreme than the earlier images, but you can still tell that in this signature the lines are jerky. It’s as if someone much older if drawing the signature slowly — no longer do you see the clean up and down motion in earlier Trump signatures. Look specifically at the way Trump draws the up and down lines to signify the letters “rum” in Trump — compare that to the way he used to do it in previous signatures. This one is messy, while previous signatures are drawn with very strong up and down lines. It reminds me of how my parents’ signatures degraded as they aged over the decades. But Trump’s degraded in a matter of months.

Compare that to earlier signatures, that appear cleaner, more firm and assured, and less shaky:

It’s hard to say. We do know that had this been any other American president, whose speech slurred inexplicably towards the end of a public appearance, there would be immediate public speculation about his health, and immediate demands for the White House to explain the incident the president experienced today.

But this is Donald Trump. And the fact that he issued a bogus statement about his health during the campaign, and attacked Hillary Clinton’s health with bogus claims that she was seriously ill in the final days of the campaign, makes his health just as much an issue. And in fact, it doesn’t matter that Trump has already made health an issue. He’s our president, and his health is a public mater. We deserve to know what happened.

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37 Responses to “Trump’s speech suddenly slurs during major Jerusalem statement”

  1. nellouise says:

    That’s not slurring from stress or stroke. His denture cream failed. He’s got a mouth full of salviva. Reverse problem Rubio had with his tongue.

  2. Pappy Morgan says:

    You think you got a big enough crayon there Donnie ?

  3. halldancer1 says:

    Right. I’m guessing in hindsight it was more likely a TIA since he was out and about again the next day but definitely neuro deficits occurred at the end of that speech.

  4. 1nancy2 says:


  5. TuFan Tv says:

    i hate trumps because his policy is totally bad

    Express News Talk Shows

  6. General Lee says:

    What other nit picking things are the fake media and the Socialist Democrats going to try and use to pick OUR POTUS to death. Hell check a physicians signature after he’s worked for for 24 hours with no break! Not only his signature is changed in appearance but his notes are completely unintelligible. This Congress has put put more pressure on this one man that his nerves are probably in knots. Try it yourself, work 24 hours managing a large group of people and then I dare you pick up a pen and sign your name, much less try to give a speech. I can guarantee your signature will not be the same as the one you signed 24 hours prior. And I can guarantee during your speech, you will mispronounce words as well as slur certain letters, like “S”. Give the POTUS a break. The evil satanist are out in full bloom.

  7. Woody McBilge says:

    It sounded like a denture problem to me.

  8. nikto says:

    All is normal with President Snort.

  9. castorag says:

    Neurorehab nurse here. I absolutely concur. The closeup of the right lip droop is another tip-off– left brain strokes are famous for aphasia as well as dysarthria. I thought initially local anesthetic for dental work, but it wasn’t there at the beginning of the talk, and he wouldn’t have that just before being scheduled to go onstage anyway. The signatures are stunning– decreased control over the pen looks like fine motor loss.

  10. Barry DeCarli says:

    Probably a coincidence, but this is what I see in Trump’s signature:

  11. bmaurene says:

    Coke stroke.

  12. JP says:

    That much weight gain alone might alter his writing by forcing his arm outwards. The lighter pressure definitely suggests some loss of strength. I’d say it’s inconclusive since signatures are so different from usual handwriting (more rote) and signs of mental (rather than physical) decline would be more definite in open handwriting.

    I would expect greater decline after a mini-stroke, in fact, to be honest, even if only temporarily.

  13. Woof says:

    A stroke could really make Donnie stupid . . oh, wait.

  14. privatechaos says:

    That would also account for the strokes!

  15. Holly says:

    If he’s experiencing mini strokes, he should get checked out and resign take Pence with him.

  16. c u n d gulag says:

    I say we congratulate our pre… presi… presid… pre…si…dent – there, I finally was able to write it – on his good health?

    As a reward, we should send him Big Macs with extra cheese, pizza with extra cheese and double pepperoni and sausage, and for dessrt, chocolate cake – made with lard!


  17. John Seychel says:

    Mini stroke.

  18. Zorba says:

    That’s what I think, too. Loose dentures don’t cause the lack of fine motor control needed to write a signature.

  19. Jane Dough™ 86#45w/25! says:

    that doesn’t explain the obviously-messy signature…

    seems more like a stroke or TIA, to me…

  20. Jane Dough™ 86#45w/25! says:

    dentures might explain the slurred speech, but when in combination with the messy signature… ?

  21. citizen spot says:

    At the very end, after he says United Shtates, it looks like he is sucking in his lips to pull the dentures back in, or trying to swallow his own tongue. I’m still on the fence on whether this is dentures or a stroke. The signature definitely is a train wreck in comparison to previous EOs.

  22. Gerald Parks says:

    And most certainly …a train-wreck!

  23. Gerald Parks says:

    Don’t forget Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s choice observation …fn MORON!

  24. Gerald Parks says:

    O M G!
    Stroke … maybe?
    Lets see what he does in this weeks public appearances!
    That is if he has any!

  25. ㅤㅤㅤ says:

    Live video capture make things blurry.

  26. Demosthenes says:

    Trump probably suffered a series of mini strokes. His speech may be slurred and his handwriting deteriorate, but he remains the same incompetent, crooked, nativist, ignorant fool he always has been.

  27. frettadafrog says:

    I called him SNIFFY during the debates.
    There was talk he was using cocaine during that time.
    I wouldn’t doubt it, and that he still snorts it.

  28. Linda says:

    The cspan signature looks nothing like the one above it. Why did they distort it ?

  29. jimrussell says:

    Come on, Dumb Donny’s mouth became over filled with serial lies and he choked on one.

  30. Joanne Doyle says:

    We should DEMAND a FULL medical, neurological and psychiatric evaluation! We DESERVE to know WTF is going on!

  31. halldancer1 says:

    I’m an RN. I was was watching Trump’s speech live. He definitely had a sudden change in speech, seemed a bit “tipsy” when he went to the signing desk and I too noted his difficulty with signing the EO. I actually rewound the DVR video to watch it again immediately. He looked like he was bothered by the feeling of a really thick tongue (a symptom of stroke).
    My assessment from afar? Either the Ativan or Xanax had just kicked-in or he had a mini-stroke/TIA. With all that’s going on with Trump & Co. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s taking some type of anti-anxiety med these days. (I know I am because of all that’s going on with him and his admin); but the sudden change from clear to slurred speech, the obvious uneven walk and his “plop-down” at the signing desk and his usual meticulously written signature ending up looking like a train-wreck, I’m thinking maybe mini-stroke.

  32. wlym says:

    Dentures? So /that’s/ why Trump never tells the tooth!

  33. Abeetz says:

    So he’s f&#kin crazy AND having a stroke.

  34. Brian Topping says:

    I don’t have dentures, so I’m no expert, but if you see the tongue action, it’s really quite active. Appears to me that his lower front teeth are all fake.

  35. Hadn’t seen that, but I’m not sure what I’m looking at, don’t see dentures.

  36. Zorba says:

    Sounded like he was sniffing during this, as well.

  37. Brian Topping says:

    Did you see the zoom of his dentures coming loose?

    Mix it with the coke habit when he’s under stress, like the sniffling at multiple debates.

    My money is on cottonmouth from too much coke and the dentures came loose.

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