“Radical Islamic deer” and the violence in Vegas

At least 59 are dead in Las Vegas and over 500 injured after a gunman went on a rampage that’s become an all-too-familiar sight.

In our latest podcast, Cliff Schecter and I do a deep dive into the politics of guns, and what if anything can be done to stop the growing violence. In essence, it’s a good “Guns 101” for newbies and experts both. You can listen to this episode below, or subscribe to our free episodes on iTunes, and our premium episodes on Patreon.

In today’s podcast, the topics include: “Never” is the right time to talk about guns (1:38); Who needs 42 guns? (4:59); Gun control doesn’t work, except in Canada, Japan, England, Sweden, Iceland, Italy… (7:25); America’s psycho-sexual fetish with guns (8:59); Pat Robertson blames Vegas on kneeling (13:28); The Black President Loophole (14:48); Bill O’Reilly weighs in (19:17); Trump makes it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns (20:37); The NRA actually isn’t that effective (26:40); Gun politics in the Democratic party (30:32); Universal background checks (34:37), Gun industry immunity (35:53); How Australia successfully addressed gun violence (43:55); How the NRA killed fertilizer taggants (54:03) & checking gun registries for 9/11 terrorists (55:31); The gun show loophole (58:07); New GOP/NRA efforts to gut gun control: silencers, armor-piercing bullets, and the state race to the bottom (1:00:53).

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