F—–g Moron

In our latest UnPresidented Podcast, Cliff Scehcter and I discuss:

The JFK files, quarantining people with HIV (yeah, this brilliant idea came from the spouse of a Trump cabinet secretary), Julian Assange weighs in on the evils of men who defend women, Seb Gorka lets loose his inner racist, the GOP House will investigate an anti-Hillary conspiracy theory, Trump vs. Mrs. Sgt. La David Johnson, Trump vs. Bob Corker, Trump vs. John McCain, and Bill O’Reilly vs. the women (and decent men) of America. Cliff and John discuss all this in today’s free episode (taped before the bombshell Flake news).

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One Response to “F—–g Moron”

  1. Demosthenes says:

    John — I listened to the podcast. It was enjoyable, but can it be a bit shorter?

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