Trump White House mansplains immigration to the Statue of Liberty

Trump White House mansplained immigration to the Statue of Liberty today.

Faced with criticism of Trump’s new immigration policy, which favors immigrants who speak English and already have marketable skills, Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller claimed that the famous words engraved on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty — “Give me your tired, your poor” — have nothing do with the actual real message behind the statue.

As I explain in today’s video blog below, it’s Donald Trump’s message of racism and division that has nothing to do with the Statute of Liberty, liberty itself, or the American dream.

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13 Responses to “Trump White House mansplains immigration to the Statue of Liberty”

  1. Polymath Level8 says:

    Of course both sides are hopelessly out of touch with reality. It’s not about having literate immigrants. it’s about immigrants taking American jobs and knocking down wages for the last fifty years. It’s about setting immigration policy to favor American workers, especially American minorities.
    The liberal side is even worse, giving decades of support o globalist economics, in the name of simplistic slogans like diversity and multiculturalism. They have always despised working people, and have done endless pr for the policies that have smashed the working class.

  2. Zorba says:

    Same with my relatives, Demosthenes.
    Because everyone spoke Greek at home when I was little, I spoke Greek before I spoke English. I knew some English by the time I entered public school, but not that much.
    My relatives all also worked hard, did well, and my siblings and my cousins and I all went to college, and many of us to graduate schools.

  3. Demosthenes says:

    Isn’t “mansplaining” what the Mooch recommended for Steve Bannon?

  4. Demosthenes says:

    An excellent podcast; John. It was quite moving and resonates with those like me with similar family histories.

    None of my relatives who came here knew a word of English. They all were poorly educated, if at all. Yet all of them worked hard, educated their children and became exemplary Americans.

  5. Bill_Perdue says:

    Trumps polices are a continuation of Democrat and Republican polices for the last century. Every American regime since Polk has imposed racism and the burdens of double exploitation on workers and farmers from Mexico, Central America and Latin America.

    Central American nations and Mexico have been repeatedly invaded and occupied by successive racist regimes who’ve left US armed and supported military dictatorships in place.

    Now the violence inflicted on these peoples takes three main forms: The Democrats cowardly support for the Republican NAFTA and other neo-colonialist FTAs, brutal military and police repression organized and paid for by the US, and mass deportations by Democrats and Republicans alike. These Democrat/Republican policies create conditions of unparalleled desperation and brutal repression for the peoples of Latin American and, except for Cuba, the Caribbean.

    “…The vast majority of Central Americans today live in perpetual misery alongside tiny elites that enjoy unparalleled prosperity. The average cat in [the U.S.] eats more beef than the average Central American. In Nicaragua, 54 percent of the people have no safe drinking water. In Guatemala, 44 percent are illiterate, and Indians, who constitute half of the country’s population, have an average life-span of forty-eight years. Seven out of ten Hondurans live in desperate poverty, only one rural resident in ten has electricity, and less than two in ten have access to safe drinking water. Infant mortality was seventy per 1,000 births in 1990, compared to less than nine per 1,000 in the United States.” – from the chapter “Central Americans: Intervention Comes Home to Roost” in Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America by Juan Gonzalez

    Democrat and Republican politicians and officials administer a rogue terrorist state and are, as the Cubans say, the main enemies of the people of the world. They should be investigated by tribunals of the working people of Central American and Caribbean states for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  6. Dino Marino says:

    In most states, Manspalining is illegal.

  7. It’s a joke because the Statue of Liberty is a woman. And obviously she’s not a real woman, she’s a statue, so you are correct, it’s not manspalining :)

  8. adamj2013 says:

    I despise Trump and everything he stands for, but how is his explanation “mansplaining”? Can’t we just call it patronizing misinformation? Was he explaining his policy to a group of educated women?

  9. Ha! I have many on YouTube in fact, older ones but goodies. I’ll start posting more again.

  10. woodroad34 says:

    Didn’t Drumpf’s grossvater come from Germany? Trump can barely speak English…deport him now.

  11. emjayay says:

    But where’s your doggie videos?

  12. Badgerite says:

    Your statement was excellent and inspiring, John. You should be working in the White House and not these insufferable, insubstantial jerks.

  13. Badgerite says:

    Yeah. That’s what I think of when I think of trump. The “light of liberty enlightening the world”. Yeah. Sure. Yeah, that’s the ticket. trump. “Liberty lighting the world.”

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