Former CIA Director: Trump is “dangerous”

Former CIA Director John Brennan said the other night that Donald Trump’s embrace of white supremacists and Nazis is “ugly and dangerous,” and that “Mr. Trump is putting our national security and our collective futures at grave risk.”

Brennan made his comments in a note to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, who revealed this week that he lost all four grandparents in the Holocaust.

Brennan’s broadside is significant, as it’s one more indication that we crossed a rubicon this week. It wasn’t just Trump’s worst himbo eruption to date, it was also moment many in establishment Washington realized that Trump is unfit to be president.

Now, why does that matter? Because the powers that be make Washington work. It’s a large part of the reason that Trump is so god awful at politics — thank God — he has no experience in it. And you need experience if you want to make Washington work for you.

On the flip side, when Washington turns against you, it’s all the more difficult to get things done. And this isn’t some super secret “deep state,” it’s simply a very large bureaucracy with a lot of people who know how to work the system. And when you embrace Nazis, you give them quite an incentive for throwing the proverbial slipper in the gears to grind the machinery to a halt (the origin of the word “sabotage”).

But something far more significant happened. It wasn’t simply that the media and the Republican party realized that Trump was unfit to be president. People started realizing that Trump’s presidency endangers our survival as a nation. Enter Brennan.

Brennan is career CIA. He’s a serious man. When he says that Trump poses a danger to the country, the national security establishment listens. That means that whatever problems Trump already has with incriminating national security leaks will only get worse, as Brennan has clearly sent the message that this president is unfit.

Then there’s FBI special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Trump and Russia. Nothing Brennan said influences the legal part of the investigation, but it does affect the cultural climate in which Mueller’s investigation takes place. Brennan is helping to create a climate in which official Washington, and the public at large, realize that Trump needs to go. That potentially makes Mueller less concerned about the societal implications of his final findings. Which may empower Mueller even more.

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  • Karl Rowley

    He was in domestic politics when he was still CIA Director.

  • Karl Rowley

    Brennan is dangerous. WTF is he doing on television all the time? If you press him for answers he says “it’s classified.” He’s a dirty rat!!!

  • ComradeRutherford

    “Former CIA Director: Trump is “dangerous”

    Yes, that is why people voted for him!

    Remember it was a three way tie for Trump, Hillary and Giant Asteroid.

  • Tim Berland

    FORMER CIA Director John Brennan.
    The CIA can’t get into domestic politics, but there is no restriction on people who used to work for the government.

  • ScottLRobertson

    What is the CIA doing in the middle of our American Politics? Illegal! Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein caught this CIA thug John Brennan sniffing around congress too, criminally and unconstitutionally, and said so on the floor of the senate. Brennan is the worst type of creep. Seymour Hersh called him “An asshole,” adding he thinks Brennan set-up the whole Russia-gate lie as an “American disinformation” campaign to cover for the DNC in 2016 and hurt the GOP candidate. Some say he’s a murderer, others say assassin. President Trump called him, “That character.” I think Donald Trump knows what I believe to be true: John Brennan is a traitor to this country, a disturbed and deadly killer, a bad guy we should dispose of, quickly – any way we can. A despicable, spiteful and very dangerous man.

  • Demosthenes

    Additional point: until such time as so-called Trump opponents in the GOP really turn on him it’s an academic exercise. For example, Trump supports Senator Flake’s GOP primary opponent. Senator Flake should issue a news release that he will vote against all Trump initiatives until such time as Trump, in a signed statement, withdraws his support for his primary opponent. Only a few GOP senators need do this to call Trump’s bluff.

  • Demosthenes

    “Brennan’s broadside is significant, as it’s one more indication that we crossed a rubicon this week. It wasn’t just Trump’s worst himbo eruption to date, it was also moment many in establishment Washington realized that Trump is unfit to be president.”

    Why’d it take so long? Millions of us knew Trump was unfit for any elected office, much less the presidency, years ago.

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