Trump shakes-and-yanks President Macron off his feet at Bastille Day parade

Donald Trump used his famous shake-and-yank handshake to pull French President Emmanuel Macron off his balance today.

This comes on the heels of Trump shake-and-yanking French First Lady Brigitte Macron on arriving in France yesterday.

Trump then made things worse by making a series of sexist comments about Mrs. Macron’s looks.

Here’s Trump pulling Macron off his feet.

CNN has the rest of the video. Trump goes for a full minute tugging at Macron, while Macron tries to hold his own.

Here’s Trump yanking Mrs. Macron yesterday:

Trump-yank-french first-lady-francex

Trump then, later, commented on First Lady Macron’s looks:

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21 Responses to “Trump shakes-and-yanks President Macron off his feet at Bastille Day parade”

  1. lynchie says:

    I hold a U.S. and Canadian passport. when travelling in Europe I only use my Canadian passport. Same for my daughter who lives in France.

  2. NotConvinced says:

    My theory is Macon didn’t want the world to think he couldn’t stand up to Manbaby Trump. And he probably hoped that Trump would (and did) something incredibly stupid like the Marathon handshake.

  3. NotConvinced says:

    In England, they used to called Americans “Yanks”. Now everybody calls Trump “Yank-off”.

  4. Badgerite says:

    Oddly enough, he never does that to Putin. Or to Lavrov. Or Kislyak. Or Xi, for that matter. He saves his awful treatments for our long time allies. Trudeau. Merkel. Macron. Wonder why? Hmmmm. Let me think. Let me think. Puppet? Treason?
    The GOP isn’t the party of “hypocrisy” any more. They have exceeded that standard and are now just simply the party of FRAUD. The likelihood that they are saying anything truthful anymore has gone down to right around 0.

  5. Houndentenor says:

    Well speaking French with a slight north American accent, people assumed I was Canadian. But in Germany they are really confused because, as a Berlin cab driver said to me, “You can’t be American. Everyone knows Americans only speak English.” *sigh*

  6. Jude Brown says:

    You can always claim to be a Canadian — or a lifelong Democrat.

    I also add that there are at least four generations of Democrats in my family.

    Not sure about great-great grandfather.

  7. UncleBucky says:

    Dump is a sick man.

  8. For some reason I’m blocked on your Twitter?

    Anyway, someone should send out a message that voter rolls are also used (somehow) to create lists and/or track gun owners – so all the paranoid right-wingers will continue and increase cancelling their own voter registrations. 3,000 have cancelled in Colorado recently.

    Use their fears and lies to ratf*ck them for once!

  9. Houndentenor says:

    I think he’s setting up a “look I tried to talk to him” excuse,” which will probably turn out to be brilliant strategy.

  10. Houndentenor says:

    I lived in Germany briefly while W was president. That was embarrassing enough. If I were abroad now I wouldn’t speak a word of English the whole time I was out of the country. This is so humiliating. 60 million people thought this turd should be president. smh

  11. woodroad34 says:

    I find Macron to be a charmingly intelligent person. I rather believe he’s following the credo of “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”; he’s trying for ‘radical centrism’. He was hacked like Hillary was. Trump is at the center of all that. Macron is willing to put up with a little show of crudeness to come out on top. His opponent, Marine Le Pen was a far right douche and he was able to overcome her.

  12. woodroad34 says:


  13. MoonDragon says:

    I noticed during the taped hand shake with Vlad at the G20, he didn’t pull this schtick.

  14. brel1 says:

    Someday he will get his and it will be biggly and beautiful. What an ass.

  15. SkippyFlipjack says:

    I think the best part is the way Macron’s wife then hangs onto Melania’s wrist, like “See how it feels? How do YOU like it?”

  16. Jude Brown says:

    Ah then, Macron is setting himself up to be Trumped.

    And it explains why Trump is playing top ape with the arm-wrestling handshakes for both Macron and his wife, despite her fragile-looking arms.

    Trump knows Macron wants something. And Macron hasn’t studied Trump’s history: very few have come out of a Trump deal with anything but scorched earth.

    Unless they’re mobsters with pee tapes.

  17. That’s a really intg question. France needs the US. And with Britain leaving the EU, and Trump’s troubles with Merkel, maybe Macron thought he could fill the gap of America’s closest EU ally.

  18. famlyslave says:

    Such a little turd of a man. What an embarrassment to this country.

  19. Jude Brown says:

    So… Why did Macron invite him in the first place?

  20. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You’re just beginning to think that?

  21. douglas01 says:

    I’m beginning to think Donald Trump is just a straight up psycho.

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